Rated Battlegrounds


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So rated battlegrounds will be starting up with Cataclysm. Since I'm new to the guild, I don't know how many PVPers we have, but will we have enough to field a guild team for 10v10s or 15v15s? I definitely want to take part in the rated BGs, and doing it with the guild would be the best scenario since, besides using teamspeak to coordinate, our victories will count toward guild XP and rep.
Yup, we certainly will be taking advantage of rated bgs. Glad to have a rogue in the mix. I will be playing on my hunter Esua (res 1100) or mage Zenoir (res 900).
my newly lvl'd rogue will prob be my main PvP toon as well. I have my warrior more geared for PvP but i have troulbe being effective with him in BG's. I may look at making my shaman a PvP healer as well cause we will need them (healers) for pre-mades.
I haven't done any serious pvp in WoW yet, but I think I would be interested in doing rated battlegrounds on my shaman. Probably need some healers, so I could do that.
There can never be too much healing! :)

I would be interested on my druid (feral) his pvp set is currently about 1200 res I believe.
Don't forget you're going to have to get all-new PVP gear, so the amount of resilience you have now won't really matter. Playing in level 85 PVE gear will probably be much better than playing in level 80 PVP gear since health pools are going up so much. The tons of extra stamina should outweigh whatever benefit the resilience from level 80 PVP gear will give you. Hope everyone's honor capped! ;-)
Necro the thread!

Just thought I'd pop in here and say that Lloki is going to be a PVP toon. Frost mages are causing an epic amount of QQ on the forums, so I'm looking forward to freezing people's faces off. =)