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This is old from wotlk, but has some good info in it, so I'm going to leave it as a sticky.

For current raiding policy and performance goals, see this thread:
Raid Ready

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While cleaning up the forums, this thread has been merged with several others. While some topics may be dated (current instances/gear items), the policies remain the same. Please also note that from this point until we begin raiding in Cataclysm, there will be no official Redeemed raids, and no one is restricted from leading or PUGing any raids.

From Shadowbill's Post in the General Forums:
"Every time a new expansion comes out we make a few raiding changes in the weeks leading up to the release of the new expansion. This time around is no different.

We are basically doing the same thing we did before WOTLK came out.

There will no longer be any official Redeemed raids, vet status is being suspended and all veteran members are being demoted back to member rank, EPGP will be suspended, and the rules about PUGs and leading raids are changing.

1. No more official Redeemed raids.
2. No more EPGP. Any run led by an officer will use rolls to decide who gets loot.
3. Veteran status is being removed for now and will be re-implemented once Cataclysm raiding begins. You will have to re-earn vet status if you want it again.
4. Any Redeemed member can lead/PUG any raid. If you want to start a Redeemed 10 man, feel free! It is basically wide open for whatever we want to do. Some Redeemed officers/raid leaders will still lead raids randomly throughout the week, but no one has to feel they need to save themselves for anything and can run/lead/pug any raid they want to. If you feel like it you are more than welcome to start a raid and advertise in guild chat for it (just don't overdo it.. no one likes spam).

This change is happening immediately. As of this posting official Redeemed raiding is over for Wrath of the Lich King! Great job guys! It was a lot of fun "

*****End edit*****

Redeemed Raiding Summary (if you read just one post about raid policy, read this one at the top)

Important Raid Links
Gear Guidelines

Why a raid policy?
Raiding is a part of the game that requires commitment, cooperation, and planning. It involves 9 or 24 others players, all working together. It requires leadership. It requires teamwork. This document is about how, as Redeemed, we run raids as we try to balance giving as many interested players the chance to participate in raids with the (often diametrically opposite) goal of having making end-game progress. Maintaining raiding balance is a struggle: see Icthus's A Word on Raiding

Types of raids and when they happen

Scheduled raids are ones where our guild raiding is focused, including farm content that reliably yield dead bosses and upgrade gear and progression content that tests the guild's ability to down bosses. Guildies should not create their own runs of these raids and Veterans should not run them with PuGs or other guilds.


Tues / 25 man ICC
Thur / 10 man ICC (hopefully, multiple teams)
Fri / Casual raid night
Mon / Raid continuation night (either 10/25 man ICC)

NON PUGGABLE RAIDS FOR VETS: ICC 10, ICC 25, VAULT (unless after Fri or released to do so by raid leaders)

Raid schedule. For up-to-date raid schedules, check out guild's calendar in-game or within Armory. Raids are scheduled at 6 p.m Server Time on some or all of the following nights: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Monday. We do not generally raid on Wednesdays (Bible study) or Saturday/Sunday (family and church). Friday is our established "open raid' night where we are as inclusive about invites as possible. Raids on other nights are generally more selective, but check the raid calendar for content (and it will ultimately be up the the raid leader that night). Raids typically end at 10 p.m. ST, but may stop earlier or later depending on the availability and sleepiness of the raiders.
[*]The guild's raiding is currently focused on ICC 10/25 (for progression and EPGP) and Toc 10/25 (for farming, gearing and learning raid teamwork). To maximize your chances at getting in a Redeemed raid, you should not pug ICC until after Friday, to avoid being raid-locked out of a potential open opportunity.

Non-scheduled raids are ones that are not currently on our guild's raiding calendar. Guild pugs may occur, or a guildie may organize one of these. Generally these raids will not earn or cost EPGP and are usually free roll. Any guildie is free to participate in any PuG or non-Redeemed run for any of these raids, or to start their own (although not during times where schedule raids are starting up).

Our non-scheduled raids are:
  1. all pre-WotLK raids
  2. OS 10/25
  3. VoA 10/25 (though not puggable for vets, vets please start runs for guildies)
  4. Naxx 10/25
  5. Ulduar 10/25
  6. TOC 10/25

How to contribute as a raid member
  • Being prepared: Have appropriate mods installed and know how to use them. Bring consumables: potions, reagents, water, food. Have gear that meets guidelines and is properly enchanted and socketed. Learn about raids and boss fights via the web. Make sure you’re not already saved to that raid when you WL ADD to it. Repair!
  • Being productive: Listen to the raid leader and follow directions. Respect ventilo and raid chat etiquette. Consult a class leader to understand DPS or healing output benchmarks you should achieve. Do not dawdle on run-backs and avoid going afk and making the raid wait for you (and if you must go afk, let the raid leader know). If you need to leave, give the raid leader at least 30 minutes notice.
  • Being patient: Accept that wipes are a part of raiding, especially progression raids. Let raid leaders evolve strategies, don't expect them to adopt your advice no matter how well-intentioned or valuable. Don't be greedy about loot or let other raider's apparent greed annoy you. Remember that raiding is about fellowship and group achievement, not loot.
  • More about contributing as a Raider here.

How to get in a raid
  • Log on at the scheduled raid time and wait for the Raid Leader to log on.
  • The RL will announce that it’s raid time, and ask for WL ADDs. At that time, send a whisper to the Raid Leader as follows. “/t <Raid Leader> WL ADD” The RL then knows that you want to go.
  • The RL will then select the members for the raid, based on what’s needed in terms of roles, classes, gear, experience, etc. On open raid nights, slots are filled randomly among interested toons. On more selective nights, the raid leader will choose based on a balance of increasing the guild's chances for success and overall fairness (e.g., not just choosing friends or a given clique).
  • The RL will announce when the raid is full. At that point, you can stay on the wait list and perhaps get in at a later time. Alternatively, if you're going to log out or do something else, then /t <Raid Leader> WL REMOVE
  • If you are committed to raiding, the best way to increase your chances of getting a raid spot is by gaining Veteran status. Veterans get higher-priority invites to progression-oriented raids but also are required to demonstrate preparation and performance as well as to commit to raiding with Redeemed in scheduled raids and on scheduled nights.
  • More about how to get in a raid here.
  • More about Veteran status here.
How loot is distributed
  • We use a system called EPGP, which rewards raid participation with points which are used to gain priority to loot drops. The raider with the highest EPGP ratio gets the highest priority on gear selection, but then loses EPGP when “getting” the gear. Every toon in the raid is treated individually and equally, with their own EPGP balance.
  • EPGP applies to iLevel 251+ gear only on scheduled, Redeemed Raid Leader led raids. Generally this means ICC 25/10 and higher raids.
  • A new raider needs to accumulate 250 ep minimum to be eligible for gear on the priority list.
    This means you need 250 minimum to have priority over others. If less than 250, you are eligible once everyone passes so it doesn't get sharded instead.
  • Loot choice is first prioritized based on roles for NON EPGP bosses. Primary spec > secondary spec > all others.
  • For armor, priority is given to the class limited by that armor type (e.g. mages/locks/priests for cloth, rogues/druids for leather, and shamans/hunters for mail)
  • For weapons/rings/necks/trinkets/backs, priority is given to roles most dependent on those stats (e.g. casters for spellpower, caster dps for spell hit, healers for mp5, melee dps & hunters for attack power, melee dps for expertise, and tanks for defense, block, parry, and dodge).
  • In exceptional cases, a raid leader may factor additional "suitability to class/spec/role" considerations into gear distribution decisions at his or her discretion.
  • Every toon in the raid is treated individually and equally, with their own EPGP balance.
  • All EPGP balances over are “decayed” to discourage EPGP hoarding
  • You can check balance by looking at the notes section on the in game roster.
  • More about our loot distribution process and EPGP system here.
How to get out of (or how you'll get removed from) a raid
  • If you need to go afk, say so in raid chat (people won't always hear in vent). Use common sense in picking a time ... you going afk typically means 9 or 24 other people are sitting around waiting for you to get back.. If there's an real life priority or urgency, obviously that comes first.
  • If you need to leave the raid, try to give the raid leader at least 30 minutes notice so a replacement can be lined up and time won't be lost.
  • Not following raid leader instructions, not following Redeemed policies (language, topics, etc), or otherwise disruptive behavior may lead to you being immediately kicked from a raid. The raid leader has absolute discretion on this, you may or may not get a warning.

Much of Redeemed's raid policy was developed and written by Mordos ... it was subsequently adapted, refined, wordsmithed, and otherwise messed around with by Goodwone and Angryson, Gilga provided secretarial services at 10 copper/hour, and many of Redeemed's raiding policies were developed in practice by Avesther, Goblit, Ugsneak, Samboe, Fjorboug, Icthus, Treebranch, and many others.

Summary of Redeemed's Raiding Philosophy
Our main goal as a member of Redeemed is the praise God in everything we do, including playing a game.
Psalm 150:6
Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD!​
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How to Contribute as a Raider: More Details

All raiding members, regardless of rank, are to learn the fight as it pertains to their class before the raid night. In some cases this will mean to learn the whole fight (e.g. know what every one's role is).

Make sure that you are 100% repaired. The guild does not pay your repair bills, no matter how many wipes there are.

Come ready to raid with consumables: Don't expect handouts, come prepared.
Potions (on a typical raid, have a full 20-pot stack of health or mana pots as appropriate for your class)
Elixirs/Flasks (have 10 each of whatever guardian AND battle elixirs you use, or alternatively 5 of the Flask that you use.)
Food (at least 10 of whatever food buff is appropriate for you ..)
Water (Don't expect a Mage to give it to you)
Reagents for your Class's Buffs (know your usage habits ... as a rule of thumb, have enough to buff the entire 25-man raid 10 times as you might be the only member of your class that raid). Even if you won't be buffing because you don't have the appropriate spec, have reagents to help supply the person who is buffing.
Arrows, Bullets, etc. if appropriate

Prepared Out-of-Game with Vent and Mod Readiness
Vent is required ... make sure that you have installed it and tested your mic if you plan to speak (don't try it for the first time in-raid and blow the eardrums of 9 to 24 other people, or waste their time with a "can you hear me now" game). An up-to-date Boss Mod and Omen are also required. By up-to-date ... check for updates before logging on for any 25-man raid. Boss Mods means, preferably, Deadly Boss Mods (it has better tools for many fights). Your class may have other required mods, talk to your Class Leader. If you use macros, make sure they are written and tested outside of the raid.

If you use mods such as BigBrother or other "chatty" mods, make sure they are only echoing to your console and not emitting to Raid unless you are a Raid Leader or Class Lead.

Gear/Stat Guidelines
A spreadsheet has been created (link below) and will be the basis of stats that most Class Leaders will use to judge each of the class members for Veteran status and where the Class Lead needs to work with each of his or her members. It's also a great planning tool as you focus your personal gear strategy. 25-Man Gear Guidelines

All members that raid are required to have the proper gems (rare quality or better per your Class Leader), enchants (per your Class Leader), and Glyphs (for your spec) on all the gear/glyphs they can at all times (Gems must be ones that are the most benefit for your class and not the cheapest). If they get a new piece they have one week to enchant and get the gems for that item. If they can't they will need to talk to their class lead and they should be able to point you in the proper direction to achieve these goals. All members should come specced, glyphed, gemmed and enchanted for PvE, not PvP!

Every member deserves your respect, this goes for officers to members and vise versa. We are all here to have fun and praise God, let’s make sure we do that.

Luke 10:27
He answered: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"​
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How to Get in a Raid: More Details

About Raid Selection
Redeemed's raiding approach might be called "focused casual" ... while we want it to be an inclusive, non-hardcore experience ... we also want to provide skilled and dedicated players to successfully push the envelope of end-game content. Balancing the two goals is a challenge. The following is meant to provide "full disclosure" around raiding and even-set expectations for anyone who wants to participate in raiding. However, keep in mind the two following things:
1) At some level, raid leader discretion does come into the picture on every raid and the raid leader's judgement is final. Accepting that leadership, even when you don't agree and feel that something wasn't fair, is an integral part of raiding. There are many guild officers to whom you can address concerns or observations, but it's a fact that raids won't be perfectly fair.
2) Because our overall raid environment is casual, we have a chicken and egg problem with raid planning. While a raid leader may want to run ICC25 in a given night, if enough geared players aren't available, they may have to go with another instance. But if players had known that the other instance was going to be run, then they might have been more inclined to show up in the first place. Thus, we try to broadcast as accurately as possible what raids will be run and when ... it can be a dynamic situation.

What Days do I have the best shot at getting a slot for in a Redeemed Raid?
Friday nights are our "open invite" casual raid nights and someone will start up a TOC 10/25. Raid selection is made by /rolling to fill in the necessary mix of classes and roles.
If there's a Tuesday raid ... Tuesday nights are after most instance resets, so most raids will see freshly reset content. How a Tuesday night run will do depends on the raid leader and who all is available. However, because of the "early-raid" content likely to be seen, there is some possibility of some slots being open. Veterans will recieve first invites.
If there's a Thursday raid ... Thursday nights are very difficult to characterize. Sometimes, they will see advanced raiders trying to crack open an new instance as clear as much as possible. Sometimes, they will see raid leaders introducing a new team to early content in a given raid. Often, it will simply depend on what's been cleared and who's on that night.
If there's a Monday raid ... Monday nights typically see the guild trying to push already-started instances as far as possible before raid resets. So, these nights tend to be the most focused and selective.

Specific raid selection process:
For all raids: Raid is announced over Guild Chat and the officer with whom you should send you’re 'WL ADD' to. The Raid Leader(s) will put together a raid composition. What this means is that for some instances/bosses we will need 5 tanks, for some we will need 8 healers, for some we will need ranged dps more than melee dps classes, etc. The raid leader's judgment on who they feel they need to succeed is the final word

Raid selection is then made either "open" or "selective" per the raid leader's discretion. Friday nights will always be "open." Assume that others nights will be "selective."

For "open" raids (e.g. Friday nights), all members that have signed up on the WL ADD will be given equal rights to invites, no matter if they are a Veteran or Member. If more attendees are on the wait list than there are available slots, open slots will be /rolled for by the Raid Leader.

For "selective" raids, Members that have the Veteran rank will receive priority over Members on depending on bosses attempted.

Mains, Alts, and Specs
Players will be asked to declare a main/alts and to specify their primary vs. secondary specs (if applicable), but a player may raid on whichever toon they prefer though mains will more likely be given preferance in invites (the raid leader may occasionally request the player bring a specific toon if needed). Raiding points (DKP) follows each individual toon, i.e. if you raid on your rogue, you get dkp on that rogue. All toons specs should be listed in the in game raid roster. If your specs are not listed, ask an officer to list them for you.

Dual Specs
Since dual-specs have been fully implemented into the game, it is highly recommended that you become an asset to the raiding community from more than one angle, if your class allows it. For instance, if we have 6 tanks sign up for a 2-3 tank raid, some will be asked to switch to healing/dps. Being able to perform with your secondary spec at a 25 man content level is huge for the raid and greatly increases your chance to get in.
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Veteran Status: More Details

Tues / 25 man ICC
Thur / 10 man ICC (hopefully, several teams)
Fri / Casual raid night
Mon / Raid continuation night (either 10/25 man ICC)

NON PUGGABLE RAIDS FOR VETS: ICC 10, ICC 25, VAULT (unless after Fri or released to do so by raid leaders)

Veteran Status
Mission Statement: To raid end game content and make steady progression. To offer Redeemed members an end game raiding opportunity. To assist regular Redeemed members in their play experience. To above all be an example of Christian values and attitude to all people on the Stonemaul server.

Redeemed Vet Status first is a privilege not a right. Veterans are a group of people who desire put their play time purely into end game content and raiding progression. Veteran status is earned by displaying that you can raid successfully no matter what your gear is. Veterans must have a positive attitude towards raiding with Redeemed and display a team player attitude, working to improve Redeemed progression and work to gear other Veterans as well as yourself. No member in Redeemed is automatically granted Vet status. Members of Redeemed are allowed only one character with Veteran Status.

Veteran Privilege: Raid officers have the right to invite Veterans first and then any regular members needed at anytime to a raid. The benefit to a Veteran is a raid spot. Veterans will always be invited before any regular member for determined progression content.

Gaining Veteran Status
Veterans must agree to not pug any raids that Redeemed is currently scheduling until leadership releases them, usually after Fri.

To gain Veteran Status you must be nominated for Veteran status from a raid officer and then gain 3/4 of the vote totals from current Veterans. Veteran status may be changed to another character only if applied for and voted again from the current list of Veterans. Veteran Status may be removed at any time by the raid leadership. At that time a vote would be taken from current Veterans. The member in question must again receive 3/4 vote from the current Veterans to gain Veteran status back. Veterans are allowed to have other characters but not that actively raid with other guilds. Veteran Status will not be available to any member that raids with any other guild on Stonemaul or another Server including Horde. Once Raid leadership decides on a candidate to be up for Veteran Status all Veterans will have a vote and give reasons to why or why not the individual should be confirmed or denied from Veteran Status. The reasons will be explained to the member who did not get 3/4 vote by a class lead or raid officer and they will be told what they need to do to be considered again in the future.

Skill: End game raiding not only has gear checks but it also has skill checks of players. Each player who wishes to be a Veteran will have to prove their ability to play their class to its potential. If it is determined that a “DPS” class for instance is underperforming that player will not be considered to gain Veteran status. Every class will have a leader that will help with details of that class. The simpler version is Veteran status is “performance” based not gear based. If you lack for any reason attitude or ability to perform you will not be nominated for a vote for Veteran status. Clear set reasons will be given to you why you are being denied a nomination for a vote.
Redeemed applications: Any Redeemed member can be considered to become part of the Veteran status. They will have to earn however the raid leaders respect and other Veterans to gain the opportunity to be voted on. Every night a regular member raids is trial basis and they may be invited at the discretion of raid leaders / officers.
Class Leaders: Class leaders will be elected by Veterans. To be a class lead you must first be a Veteran (unless leadership determines that there is no Vet currently available for that class, they may put a vet who plays another class temporarily to fill it).

Tips on gaining Veteran Status:
• Find out who your class leader is and work with them on you skill / gear. Your class leader has/should have done it all. Gearing, learning rotations, etc. He/she is your most important tool in becoming a Veteran. They will help you with all your questions.
• Read and be familiar with Redeemed’s current Raiding policies. This includes Raid etiquette, loot rules, attendance, etc.
• During this process, you should be raiding with the guild when you can. This is your chance to shine in front of the Raid leader(s) and you’re Class Leader (if they are also in attendance). If you are currently trying to achieve Veteran status, make sure your Class Leader (Raid Leader if your CL is absent) knows so they can pay more attention to your performance during the raid. Veteran status is not just having gear. It is also performance based.
• Once you feel you are ready, approach your Class Leader. They will inspect your gear to make sure that they are up to requirements and will advise you on any necessary changes that need to be made, if any. They will also solicit feedback on your raid performance and participation if they do not know you personally.
• Once your CL feels you are ready to be a Veteran, they can inform the Head Raid Leader. The decision will be made as to whether you will be put to a vote and you will be informed ASAP.

Keeping Veteran Status
There is no play time requirement. However at officer discretion if a player cannot make the majority of raids the member may be removed from Veteran status. After removed current Veterans will vote to confirm or deny the player Veteran Status. All Veterans signing the charter agree to follow these guidelines and do exactly as the raid leadership asks.

VET Mentality: Each member will agree to follow officer orders and be present if on line for raiding events. No play time is required but each online veteran is expected to be available at any time to run 10man or 25man instances. Veterans will drop farming, socializing, or any other activities at the request of the officers to raid, gather supplies, key or gear members for raiding events.
Listening Skills: All veterans will be silent in vent and listen to instructions. Raid times are for raiding not talking to your friend over vent. There is one raid leader. He or She is the one speaking. AFK players will not be tolerated and repeated offenses could mean in Veteran removal. The goal of Veteran membership is to accomplish as much as possible in as short amount of time possible at each raiding event. Keeping a brisk pace and everyone alert is the highest importance to overall progression.
Conduct: Although our purpose is end game content we do not forget who we are. Redeemed is a Christ centered guild that looks to bring Christians together in fellowship and reach others for Christ through our actions. Veterans will at all times follow this code of conduct to each other, Redeemed members and the rest of our server.

Losing Veteran Status: There is no, “Once a Veteran, always a Veteran.” There are certain scenarios where you may lose Veteran status, depending on the judgment of raid leaders.
• Gross insubordination/disrespect during a raid. The most unlikely of scenarios, but we live in a real world. If there is any negativity during raids, it will be addressed by the Raid Leader with a warning. The continuance of a behavior that hinders the raid or goes against Redeemed’s policies warrants the suspension/revocation of one’s Veteran status pending collaboration between the Raid Leaders/Guild Leaders.
• Failure to adhere to the current Raiding policies/etiquette guidelines. This is self-explanatory and again, hopefully, another unlikely scenario.
• PuG'ing or going with another guild to scheduled raids, or during scheduled raids prior to a given raid's invites going out.

If anyone at any time falls into one of the above categories, a warning will be issued to the offending Veteran via in-game mail/Forum PM so that there is a documented track of the offense. Persisting offenses will result in suspension/revocation of Veteran status.

Mains, Alts, and Specs
Vets need to declare a main, declare a main spec and WL add with their vet toon for progression runs unless otherwise requested. Members can only have one toon classified as a Vet.

If you are a vet and wish to change your main or your spec you must let leadership know, then post your change in the Raid Admin forum. You will/may be required to go through the gaining vet status process again with a new main, or your new spec. You simply can not declare a new spec right before a raid and then expect to get loot for that spec, there is a process to follow. After you have your new main/spec make sure an officer updates your in game roster notes for raid leaders to see.

Each players should have their main/specs posted on their in game guild notes to help the Raid Leader when he/she is setting up the group (if you don't see it listed there, ask an officer to add it to you notes). A player may raid on whichever toon they prefer unless they are a vet doing progression, then they need to bring their main to progressions runs, and an alt only if requested/or approved for that run (the raid leader may occasionally request any player bring a specific toon if needed). Raiding points still follow each individual toon, and gear follows main specs still even if you are asked to play your offspec for a run.

Dual Specs: Since dual-specs have been fully implemented into the game, it is highly recommended that you become an asset to the raiding community from more than one angle, if your class.

Veteran Roster
Veteran status and veteran population will be determined by the availability of players and classes. As Veteran numbers grow current Veterans will determine needed classes by playtime of players and determine additional people to be considered for Veteran status. Once enough of each class and type is in the Veteran membership applications may be closed until further classes are needed.

Specific raid selection process
For all raids: Raid is announced over Guild Chat and the officer with whom you should send you’re 'WL ADD' to. All Redeemed level 80 members are welcome to WL add on any night. The Raid Leader(s) will put together a raid composition. What this means is that for some instances/bosses we will need 5 tanks, for some we will need 8 healers, for some we will need ranged dps more than melee dps classes, etc. The raid leader's judgment on who they feel they need to succeed is the final word and vets will be given priority invites for progression content. Raid selection is either "open" or "selective" per the raid leader's discretion. Friday nights will usually be "open" casual. Assume that others nights will be "selective."

For "open" raids (e.g. Friday nights): If a raid is lead by one of our raid leaders, all members that have signed up on the WL ADD will be given equal rights to invites, no matter if they are a Veteran or Member. If more attendees are on the wait list than there are available slots, open slots will be /rolled for by the Raid Leader. Non-raid leader guildies are encouraged to start raids for VOA, TOC, OS and other non-scheduled raids.

For "selective" raids: Members that have the Veteran rank will receive priority over Members on depending on bosses attempted.

•Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri are Redeemed's raiding nights. We will always start the raid at 6 PM ST (If you have not received an invite by that time, the RL's are still trying to coordinate the groups).

•Monday - Monday nights are the nights right before the lockout of our raids reset. We will try to continue the raids that we started on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Monday's are the most focused into driving deeper in progression content.

•Tuesday - Tuesdays are the nights that we usually have the most people online. 25 mans are most apparent on this night, if not then we would probably do two 10-man groups. Be ready for a 25 man this night!

•Thursday - Thursdays are the 10 man nights, we will be most likely be doing 10 man ICC in either one or two groups (depending on who is online). We may continue the 25 man from Tuesday if we have enough of our veterans online, it will be at the raid leadership discretion.

•Friday - Casual raid night. We could be doing any number of raids this night to help upcoming raiders get geared. TOC is a good example. If there is not a raid leader available, non-raid leaders are encouraged to start raids for VOA,OS,TOC,ULDUAR or any other non-scheduled raids.

Veterans Status Summary
The goal for Redeemed Veteran status is end game content and progression. The secondary goal is to assist regular Redeemed members in their play experience and help them do zones that they might not otherwise accomplish. For this to happen however it takes a dedicated skilled group of players. In the long haul it will benefit other people who do not wish to make quite the commitment that it takes to do end game content.

Veteran status will only be given priority on end game content. For instance but not limited to the latest instance for 10 and 25 man. Other instances will be open to all Redeemed members.

Example. New content comes out that is 10 and 25 man raid zones. Vets will run 10 man raids. After they have learned those instances, and at the raid leadership discretion, Redeemed members will begin to be included in running those instances.
Remember, Veteran status is put in place for end-game content. We are here to have fun and fellowship together in our raids. However, end-game progression runs hold a higher sense of order, seriousness, and level of play apart from regular or casual raiding. We want to lift each other up and hold God up even higher. Veteran status is not for everyone and you are not any less of an awesome child of God if you don’t have it.

If you have any questions/concerns at any time regarding the policies of raiding or Veterans status, find your local Guild/Raid Leader and let your voice be heard. We are here for you and want to see Redeemed flourish as best we can in a Christian way.

Veteran Status FAQ
My class leader said "I need to show my performance and teamwork in a raid", but because I don't have Veteran status I can't ever get in a 25-man raid, I never get to show that. What gives? Progression-oriented 25-man raids often have the most demand. You may have to prove your stuff in 10-man raids first. Also get to know the raiding community in 5-mans, ask you class leader to run some things with you. Also, take advantage of Friday night raids which are open invite.

I have 500 more spellpower than another guy in my class and he's a veteran and I'm not. How are they raid ready and I'm not? Contribution to a raid is more about skill and participation, than just gear. You may have way better gear than another member and they may get Veteran status before you do. This probably means that your raid performance or teamwork hasn't quite been what we'd expect. Ask for specific examples of what the leaders are (or are not) seeing. Find out what needs to be worked on, to improving them.

Are all officers automatically veterans?No, not always. We may have officers that have another focus besides raiding. But, class leaders, raid leaders, and raid officers will all be vets. Non-raiding officers have to display the same level of raid readiness as members. Officers that are veterans will have it clearly marked in on in game roster notes, so it's transparent to all which officers have veteran status and which don't.
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DKP Loot System.

Starting on Tuesday October 25 2011 Redeemed will be switching full time to a modified DKP system. What does this mean to you? DKP Stands for Dragon Kill Points, and is a useful system for gaining loot while raiding. There are several ways to earn and spend DKP (listed below). The two mods we will be using are WEBDKP and ItemLevelDKP; WEBDKP allows raid leaders to award and charge DKP, ItemLevelDKP allows anyone to see the DKP cost of the item in question.

How do you use it?
When an item drops that someone will want the Loot Master will ask in Raid who wants the item. If someone wants it, they will say in Raid that they wish to have that item, whoever has the highest amount of DKP at that time will be given the item and charged the amount that ItemLevelDKP suggests. (Exceptions if any are on the list below.)
DKP is not transferable between toons, players, characters, friends, relatives, inanimate objects etc.

Raid DKP Cost and Loot prices
On time - 10
Stay until end- 10
Standby DKP - 10
10 Man Content - 35 per boss
25 Man Content - 45 per boss
One shot/Guild first –an additional 10
Feasts – 1 per
Cauldron (One time award per raid) – 20
Off Spec items and Items only useful for only one person cost half the DKP cost. (These may not be combined)
Head Banging (Progression attempts without downing) every hour the raid will receive DKP as follows; For the first hour 35 DKP, the second Hour the Raid will receive 50, and the Third Hour 75. No DKP will be given after that.
If an alt is asked to come over a main spec toon, that main spec will receive standby DKP.

Raid Loot Policies
• If the raid leader has forgotten to set master looter ... PASS on all Blue or Purple items.
• Master looter set at blues and above... if you get a green off a mob, you keep it.
• No green upgrades. If a raid item drops that would be an upgrade to a green, you will generally be given the lowest priority for loot distribution. Prior to raiding, you should have spent the time working on your gear to upgrade everything to level-cap rares or epics. Talk to an officer if you're having trouble doing this.
• Disenchanted purples go to the guild bank. If you need some Enchanting Mats contact an officer.
• All BoE epics will be handled as if it was dropped by a raid boss. If the item does not benefit any raid member the item goes to the Guild Bank and the officers will make an announcement to all Guild Members that the item is available. All epics will be DKP cost for epics that are handed out.
• Priority to all loot is given based on primary spec > secondary spec > non-spec but usable. For example, a melee leather headpiece would go first to rogues or feral druids main specs, then to feral druid secondary specs, then to resto/balance druids.

DKP Updating
• DKP is updated via WEBDKP (Mod) as the raid progresses, and will be updated every night by the raid leader to
• Players may ask how much DKP they have while loot is being rolled on, or during down time.
• If there is a dispute, bring it as soon as possible to the Raid Leader who was awarding the DKP
Standby DKP:
in order for you to receive your standby DKP, you must:

• Send "wl add" in a whisper to whoever is handling the wait list

• Be available for a call into the raid at anytime. You have a 5 MINUTE window to do so. Failure to respond in a timely manner will cause you to forfeit your standby DKP.

• If you are going to log off, whisper whoever is handling the waitlist and ask for your DKP as it will be awarded to you at that time.

• If you are on until the raid is over; everyone still on the wait list should receive their standby DKP after the end of the raid.

• If you are in another guild raid that does not award DKP. you will not receive standby DKP as you should be getting gear from said raid. If/when that raid ends and you want to get back on the waitlist for standby...send another wl add to get back on and your timer will start from then.

The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
1 John 2:17
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Crusader Orbs are used as materials to craft 245 gear. At the time of this post, they can be used to craft wrists and chests. If you want a Crusader Orb or a Runed Orb below are approved ways to get them from Redeemed:

1) When we accrue 4 or 8 orbs in the gbank, a thread will be started and those who would like to purchase the orbs for dkp can put their name in by posting a reply to the thread. At the end of the raid week, the person with the highest dkp will receive the orbs at 6 dkp for 4 orbs or 11 dkp for 8 orbs since these are the current values we use for 245 gear. The person MUST use these orbs to craft a piece of gear that they will wear!

2) Orbs can be purchased at the time of the drop (i.e. if you are present in the raid it drops in) for 3 dkp.

THESE ORBS ARE FOR CRAFTING GEAR THAT YOU WILL WEAR ONLY! Players found trying to sell, trade, etc. a orb, or piece of gear they craft from a orb that they just purchased from Redeemed will be disciplined accordingly with either a raiding suspension, demotion, or gkick.

When purchasing orbs, make sure you have the ability to craft the gear immediately, as you have a 3 day window to show an officer you're piece equipped on your person. This rule is to ensure that players do not just hoard orbs that they cannot make into useful raiding gear, when someone else could benefit from their use. The 3 days should give players enough time to finish farming/buying mats, find a crafter, and get the piece made, gem'd, and enchanted (as applicable).


Runed Orbs can be purchased from Redeemed too with 5 dkp cost for 6 and 1 dkp cost for 1. Again, they are for gear that you can immediately craft to wear.
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Pasted from the thread "A Word on Raiding," originally posted by Icthus on March 13th, 2007:

Raiding and Redeemed

I have played World of Warcraft for over two years. I have leveled, played alts, PvP’d, crafted, and done end game raiding. Needless to say, I have done most of what can be done in WoW. I have found raiding can be one of the most decisive activities any guild can do. Raiding tends to bring out the ugly side of a guild. People get greedy, they get anxious, they feel left out and they simply feel ignored. I do not want this to happen to our family. So, I thought it would be good to set down some guide lines for our members to see understand and to know where the guild stands.

First, we raid as Redeemed. Whether you are actively in the team or simply leveling up, Redeemed is a group of Christlike people trying to glorify God. We achieve all we do with the help of every member. Does this mean all members will raid, no. This does mean that every person who enters our guild will have the opportunity to be a part of something special, yes. If you raid with Redeemed you raid for Redeemed. You do not raid to get PHAT loots. You raid because you want to be apart of something special and see Redeemed reach levels of success that most people never thought a Christian guild could reach. This means you should celebrate when someone gets a drop over you because the team gets stronger. It means you should rejoice when Redeemed moves deeper into instances, if you were there or not. It means we should be genuinely happy for each other, because our joy comes from being together in fellowship, not from becoming elite players.

Second, raiding is not about exclusion. Redeemed raids to glorify God and become closer to each other. If we exclude people it is wrong. We want to help everyone be apart of raiding if they want to be. This means that we will establish a process for being a raiding member of Redeemed. It will not happen over night, please be patient. Just because we have 10 people running Karazhan it does not mean they will only raid it together. They are the first wave of what will be more to come. It is our hope to create teams of experienced players to help inexperienced players enter Karazhan and have an excellent experience with less wipes and less gold spent.

Third, raiding should never take over the guild. We are having 30 and 40 people online every night, we have 180 accounts in Redeemed. Ten people fit into Karazhan. We would be foolish and short sighted to make it our focus long term. Redeemed focus will be about our community. Sometimes, we all need to be reminded. You have been reminded.

Redeemed has achieved something few guilds ever really do, unity and peace.
Pasted from the thread "Raiding with Redeemed," originally posted by Gilga on September 8th, 2009:

A team of officers has, for about the last month, worked on updating Redeemed's raid policy writeup. I don't want to call it a "new" raid policy because really all the document does is memorialize how our raid leaders currently run raids and how we have run raids for many months/years/WoW expansions. In some cases, we provide new clarifications or decisions, but it's not radical stuff. You'll also notice that the other raid "stickies" arent' stickied anymore. That's because we've worked to make this one document a one-stop-shop ... so you don't have to hunt through multiple stickies and googledocs to find what you're looking for.

What we hope is that it provides some clarity about how we've organized raids ... that it helps to make decisions made by raid leaders seem less mysterious and to show that we really have put a lot of work into creating a "system" designed to meet a lot of different needs. Hopefully it also gives everyone a notion of how complex all the tradeoffs in running a raid can be and thus appreciate the hard work of our raid leaders a bit more vicerally, too. They all had to read this thing at least 3 times!

If you print out the whole thing, from top to bottom, it's probably ~20 pages. Obviously, that's a lot. We don't expect everyone to do that. We do hope that every Veteran and everyone who wants to raid does read the summary document at the top. That provides all the basics. The rest of the document provides more details and more "why's" about the basics at the top.

While the document is a living thing, we won't change it too often because then we'll go crazy re-reading it. And we'll do some sort of change log, too.

So, have at it ... with this advice:


* Read the summary post at the top. That whole first post, don't give up half way. It won't hurt (very much).
* Let an officer or GL know if something seems inconsistent or nonsensical. Not in the middle of a raid, though!
* Let an officer or GL know if it seems like the guild's not following something we've committed to here
* Help us continue to improve these
* Remember that raiding requires flexibility and understanding from raiders ... these are our guidelines and principles, it's not a contract
* Use common sense and Christian principles as an override to any "rules" here.


* Nit-pick raid leaders on the rules in the middle of a raid
* Air your grievances in public about how stupid you think some element of the raid policy is. (Do express them, but in a constructive way and preferably directly to an officer that can do something about it.)
* Expect all raid leaders and class leaders to be experts on this, day one
* Use these raid policies as a practice ground for your aspiring career as a trial lawyer
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