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For all you guys that maybe going........"it takes too long to get up and going"

Well....I've got something far ya...

Still in the works now, but it's a skill plan on how you can be up, running, and doing missions in a battleship (flying it pretty well) in about 25 days. It'll put you into a cruiser lvl ship before the trial runs.

note: you could cut out some of the skills, and be into a BS before the trial, however the Battleship skill cannot be trained on tial accounts.....so you've got 14 days to build up, then another 30 to get into you ship, and get the faction you need to run those high lvl missions.

More to follow.......

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I haven't forgotten about this. The original post would have included just a Caldari build, however that kinda limits things. I'm exploring builds for other races at this time.

More still to follow.....


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1) Train Skillz
2) Sell TimeCodes for ISK
3) Get big ship
4) pew Pew pew
5) Blow up stuff
6) Profit!!!1!!11!!

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The Great War

OK, so far I've gotten a build for Caldari and Gallente. In both plans, the first few days are going to be a little boring. That's cause

you'll need this time train some learning skills. These are essential to getting everything else trained quickly. You're also going to feel

like you got caught in a revolving door. There are lots of skills to get started, and the first few levels will take anywhere from 10

minutes to a couple of hours to train. (This is where EVEmon notifications, and planning will really help.)

This build focuses on the missile and shield bonuses that Caldari ships get. You'll be able to fly a Kestrel right off the bat, and into a

Caracal as early as day 4 or 6.

The character build is:

Race: Caldari
Bloodline: Achura
+3 per
+2 int

Do note that these are missile boats. Missiles are great in that you do not have to worry about transversal or tracking.

Below is a Kestrel build that I've used for lvl 1 missions.

HI slots
  • 3x standard missile launchers
Med slots
  • 1x Small Shield Booster
  • 1x Cap Recharger
  • 1x Small shield extender
Low slots
  • 1x Ballistic Control System
  • 1x Power Diagnostic System

Ships to fly
Frigate: Kestrel
Cruiser: Caracal
Battlecruiser: Drake (Optional)
Battleship: Raven

This build focuses on the the drone and armor tanking bones that Gallente ships have. You're primary weapon will be drones, while your high slots are fitted with energy vampires that suck to cap from you target.

The character build is:
Bloodline: Gallente
+2 int
+1 mem
special forces

What is nice about this build is that after Spaceship command IV, you'll be into cruisers. So you can almost skip through frigates. I don't have ship build yet.

Ships to fly
Frigate: Imicus or Incursus
Cruiser: Vexor
Battlecruiser: Myrmidon (optional)
Battleship: Dominix

Aside from the Incursus, these are drone boats. The bonuses you get towards drones make it silly not to use them. Drones are cool in that they can target things themselves, and you can use them over and over unlike missiles or guns that have to be reloaded.

These builds are not exact cook book builds. The skills may not be in the order you'd like (you want a module not listed...or sooner), or skills may end when you do not plan to be online. The important thing here is to always have a skill training, even if that means pausing one (aborting in the game) and starting or continuing another. Also note that the sooner you get the learning skills done, the better off in the game you'll be. Yes starting out will be slow....but later you'll train skills and be much further along then if you did not. As an added bonus, if you start out and join the corp, you'll find free skill books and frigates to use as you begin you journey into EVE. Just message me in game for details....or posts, PM, IM.......may even catch me on TS

Also too....don't forget EVE time codes
Both EVEmon skill plans are included in the attached zip file.

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Fighting. However we will need members that have industry skills.

The reason for fighting is that fighting skills are mission skills are PvP/PvE skills. Not to discount industry, but fighter skill have more uses. As noted above, industry place an important role in any corp. the ability to move supplies, build/trade equipment, and the income from mining ore are all the gears that allow the machine to move.