Quality Wipes and Raiding in MoP

Hey Forgiven!

We've taken some time off, but patch 5.4 is planned to drop on August 27th. That means it's time to get the old gang back together again! Mike and I have discussed starting with Flex Raiding for this patch and going from there. We still need 10 raiders and currently have some gaps as it relates to a Tank, DPS, and maybe even a healer. Think about joining us! I'd like to start with Saturdays (7-10PM Server) and maybe expand to Mondays from there. If you're interested: reply here, drop me a note in-game, or via our Facebook page. Patch 5.4 looks to be fun!! http://wow.joystiq.com/2013/08/15/patch-5-4-siege-of-orgrimmar-trailer/
LOL..its been so long I don't remember how to reply.....I've missed you all..taken a break from WoW but am ready to get back to it.
I'd be up for some raiding as DPS, but if it's on Saturday nights I'll probably be busy a lot of the time. But since it's Flex, I can just come when I'm free! Huzzah!

Edit: just saw that my signature's way out of date. I'm level 90, honest! ;-)
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I would love to raid, but Saturday is the one night that doesn't work for me (my church meets on Saturday nights).

If it is any other day I would be interested.

My RL name is Jimmy, my character is Papadoshijos (Mage)

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Hey Bob and Mike,
I'd be interested in joining you again for some "Quality Wipes". With my new work schedule I do work some nights so would be un-available 1 Saturday every month basically. I have a few toons to choose from, mostly DPS, but I could resurrect my resto spec on my shaman (pun intended).