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Anyone tried out the in game pvp yet? I didn't get a chance before I had to go to work. Also is it like wow where you just click a button to get into pvp or do you go somewhere?


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to PvP all you need to do is open your Character Screen (H by default). From there on the left hand side there are two criss crossing swords.

click that and then go to the lobby where you can edit your loadout (all pvp is normalized so i believe you have standard sets of equipment)

from there you can either select a specific map or you can hit play now to jump randomly into the afray...

(you can also hit play now without going into the lobby, but then you are stuck at the mercy of whatever the game wants for you)


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Travel to Lion's Arch and there's a couple portals that'll take you to WvWvW battlegrounds


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Ah, PvP is what I miss most about Guild Wars. I hope they have some sort of Guild vs Guild in GW2, that was always the most fun! :)


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Paul!!! You live!

It's been quite a while since we've seen you around in these here parts! It seems like sPvP is the closest we'll get to GvG. Though, it's not out of the realm of possibility since that was the major PvP in GW1, once they update GW2 to include Guild Halls. GvG in GW2 would be a ton of fun!