PSA Concerning Certain Conspiracy Theories Being Promoted in High Places...

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If you have no idea what I'm talking about here, be glad and don't worry about it. I'm not trying to start up a discussion with this, I just feel led to say a few things in case it helps anyone who might be struggling with peer pressure concerning some odd things going around targeting the Christian community.

"Have faith in humanity" and "Have faith in yourself" are NOT in the Bible. They're actually pretty much the opposite of what the Bible teaches.

Cyrus and Alexander were pagan kings who amassed great armies to conquer many nations, including the Holy Land. They were not holy in any way. They also had great reverence of Babylon.

Historically there has been a "god of lightning" who has been the head of pagan pantheons of multiple empires that also amassed great armies to conquer many nations, including the Holy Land. Again as a strike against what was holy, not in any way promoting holiness.

One of these empires thought they could get away with killing Jesus, who then put them in their place saying "Thou couldest have no power at all against me, except it were given thee from above" (John 19:11)

Yes, God wins in the end, but not the "god" this scam is preaching.

God is not in the "storm" (1 Kings 19:11-13), but His Word will protect you from it (Matthew 7:15-27)
Hmmm. I haven't heard anyone talking about this, but I'm not well informed. I'll keep an eye out, thanks...
Hmmm. I haven't heard anyone talking about this, but I'm not well informed. I'll keep an eye out, thanks...

I'm usually not that well-informed either as far as current society goes, but this particular group engages in intentional media warfare (like literally referring to themselves as "keyboard warriors") and attacks other Christians who don't agree with them, including my ministry of helping disabled and low-income people, so they annoy me.

For the most part, they seem to talk and behave like jihadists misusing Christ's name, but I suspect there's some amount of genuinely faithful believers who get caught up in things due to having legitimate frustrations with the "worldliness" of the world but lacking in the Bible knowledge and spiritual strengthening to approach things through Christ rather than through flesh.
As a further heads up, this particular group was issued an operative command last night to initiate organized "target practice" with "information warfare," so weird things might start coming up in media channels, but so far I haven't seen anything that isn't easily countered by solid Bible knowledge so I probably don't need to go into details.

I have seen some postings promote the thought that the Bible isn't the -whole- truth and that there's more God wants us to know to be able to follow His will (ie: Gnosis), that we should seek through research, meditation, and detoxifying our bodies to be more open to the vibrations of the universe, while also conspicuously not suggesting prayer, but those are often also accompanied by references to babylonian mythologies and mystic arts, and a need to unite against secret alien overlords who want to abuse the human race rather than letting it develop its true potential (seeming much like the garden conversation between the serpent and Eve), so I don't think that particular fringe is as likely to be populated by sincere Bible believers who are simply being misled, which is what I'm mostly concerned about.

I do have some concerns in having seen a lot of the people following this unknown voice of command claim to be armed and agitated and expressing readiness for "activation," but they're also openly posting all this on official government communication channels so it's not a hidden faction going unaccounted for.
Ok, one last update (unless something extreme happens to lead otherwise) as I think I finally found the convergence point of what's going on with this.

Basically there's a "god of lightning" commanding followers through the internet and influencing events with an end goal that seems to be building a stargate in Babylon to be able to leave earth to escape evil, uncaring alien oppressors...

So, speculation on my part, maybe Satan might be manipulating human affairs in an attempt to gain technology to try to leave this world before the Lord comes back to execute judgement, but the Lord's not going to allow it so chaos ensues past our level of human comprehension to deal with.

Which of course is a very unsettling idea to our modern sensibilities, but the Bible indicates the devil would have both the power and self-interest to pursue such a thing and events in both the Bible and recorded history could align with previous iterations of such a campaign, and logically what else better does he have to do with his time during millennia of imprisonment here, so why not?

Not trying to be weird or start up conspiracy theories of my own here, just concluding my thought processes on it as this had been really agitating me before and causing great anxiety seeing people go outright militant over this heresy, but now I have some measure of peace on it in feeling that whatever this situation is, God is taking care of it and will take care of us in the process, too.

He is the Great Shepherd who goes before us to lead us to safe pastures and protect us from evil, not one who pushes us into holy wars on His behalf while He stays hidden, and certainly not keeping Himself veiled behind cryptic messages on a computer screen.

On a lighter note, I have to admit having some intellectual curiosity about why would the idea of a "stargate" remain persistent when we've achieved rocket technology which would seem like a more reasonable path to extraterrestrial travel to pursue for those who are looking to go there, but then I'm reminded from Genesis 3:24 that the entry to Eden is guarded by a "flaming sword which turned every way," which does sound a bit stargate-ish in itself, and the particular letter of the alphabet that this cult identifies by also bears like similarity to a sword in a circle, so hey, maybe there are stargates after all...

Probably the more important takeaway, though, is the reminder that the devil's been around a very long time and most likely knows a whole lot of things about the world that humans haven't yet been given access to, and we probably don't give enough credit to that to keep world events in proper perspective. Chances are he both thinks and acts on a much larger scale than how we perceive his influence in our personal trials and tribulations. Not that we should live in fear, but that a more correct valuation of our adversary highlights all the more the power and glory and love of our God that protects us from him.
And unfortunately further extremeness has happened...

Now being added to the rhetoric is the idea that Jesus is really the son of Lucifer rather than the son of God, that churches have all been lying to us for millennia, and that Christianity itself is a Satanic cult.

While, of course, people saying stupid stuff on the internet is nothing new to normally have to be worried about, the context here is more concerning in that these are armed, angry people openly organizing in public channels expressing a desire to forcefully overthrow the government out of some acquired belief that the government is all secret Satan worshipers selling us out to evil alien overlords (you don't have to take my word for that, they post openly in the comments of the President's tweets, from which you can see from their profiles and hashtags how they talk among themselves.** i just don't post specifics here because i don't know if their fervor or sophistication goes as far as data-mining public forums to find opposition and i don't want to chance putting CGA at risk if possible), if this violent sentiment gets further extended to seriously believing the church to be part of this Satanic plot, well, governments have military to protect them but churches do not.

Not wanting to be alarmist without having direct proof of anything, and it's possible that the Lord could cause this particular line of rabble-rousing to fizzle out before it does any real harm, so maybe --hopefully-- nothing tragic will come of it. But I feel pretty certain that whatever this chaos is happening now in the world, it's not just politics, so stay safe and stay in prayer. Love your families, look after your local communities, and keep focus on what's truly and eternally important.

** EDIT: If anyone does want to go through public tweet comments but without being subjected to all the vulgarity that goes on there, you can find a lot of this particular group's posts by quickly scrolling through looking for images of frogs to avoid having to read through a lot of verbal garbage. And don't do this with children in the room because there are also very vile images being posted, too. Not just immoral kind of vile, but dark-web quality images of cruelly abused children kind of vile. Really, this is not a normal internet political debate.
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And here I think we come to it, if anyone else has been getting the feeling that something else is going on that we're trying to be distracted from rather than told about...

Dept of Defense, Sep 16 2020:

... which for some reason, as far as I've been able to see (which could be wrong, please feel free to correct!) hasn't been picked up by any major news outlet of any affiliation. As if "China and Russia have placed weapons on satellites and are developing directed energy weapons to exploit U.S. systems" wasn't something that would be of interest to the American public compared to all the rest of the circus sideshow the media's been pushing.

ALL the channels are lying, or at least willfully omitting items of critical truth, not just one side or the other, presenting a false choice between Russia or China as if it were a matter of good vs evil when really both are equally evil, and we need to keep our trust in God rather than being pressured into allying with evil men. And maybe pray to be delivered from the corrupt two-party system that holds our government hostage instead of trying to pick what side to empower to take out the other. (Not saying all the people within the system are corrupt, but the system itself certainly is, and what good people there might be braving its challenges now could probably accomplish even more goodness without it)

Not meaning to extend this to suggesting how anyone should vote - that should be a matter between you and God - but regardless of how elections turn out this year, we need to start expecting more of both politicians and media to serve our country with real integrity, not just showmanship, clever marketing, or being the lesser evil, and not excusing lapses of integrity for the sake of political convenience. God is greater than politics, and He is no less in control of the world no matter who is sitting in what office.
I was hoping to not have to post anymore on this again, but...

Last night the alleged leader of this group posted that it doesn't matter what Nancy Pelosi does because their side has missiles...

And many of the supposedly pro-America supporters cheered at this... the idea of a missile attack against U.S. soil just to defeat Democrats. And then many of them tinted their social media avatars red to show their solidarity in supporting violence to achieve their political goals.

Now I'm not worried about an actual missile attack happening, since all this is being posted openly on the internet so even if there were any legitimacy to such a threat, it's not like the U.S. military or intelligence agencies would be caught off-guard or unprepared. But my bigger concern is how dangerous the logic of these followers is getting, so be wary and very mindful of the Lord's leading if coming across any who seem unnaturally irrational or aggressive.

I would imagine that the things I see are just a small portion of adherents that are more extreme than is perhaps representative of the group as a whole, so there might be many who might not support such violent leanings at all but don't feel safe in publicly refuting them, so I don't want to cast a blanket accusation that everyone who follows this belief system is dangerous. Just that the extreme elements are showing danger signs to warn about.
So, apparently their "side" with the missiles is North Korea... because... yeah, of course, NK has always been such a stalwart champion of conservative Christian values and the American way, so why not? ... ... </facepalm>

FWIW, I'm not inclined to personally believe that NK has any sort of collusion going on with the American right. I think the more likely case is that these fringe people are being trolled by someone who happened to be in a position to know of NK's missile reveal today to throw it into the mix.

And I'm not scared of NK's missiles either, as even if they are now capable of reaching U.S. mainland, our military is well equipped with the means to intercept them before they can get anywhere near their target.

However, the sheer lunacy of anyone's critical thinking skills not kicking in at the suggestion of relying on Kim Jong Un, of all people, to save America from socialism is rather frightening.

And I guess that's the real thing I'm struggling with in understanding today's political climate, as I grew up in Kansas during the Cold War so I'm having difficulty adapting to this complete reversal of position where many on the right (though not all, and hopefully not a majority) are now openly embracing relations with Communist leaders (other than China) instead of vigorously opposing them.
Every time I post another update here is with a fervent hope that it will be the last -- but, distressingly, the saga still continues...

Where we're at now... last night Sidney Powell baselessly accused Brian Kemp - the very Republican and very pro-Trump Governor of Georgia - of conspiring with Democrats and Communist world powers to falsely elect Joe Biden.

Rather than this triggering some sort of rational, critical thinking response that maybe this isn't an idea that should be blindly accepted at face value, instead the followers of this faction become immediately entranced and offended, threatening retaliation.

This morning they showed up for armed protests at the Governor's mansion to denounce his secret Communist agenda, and are accusing Senators Perdue and Loeffler (<-- the more-conservative-than-atilla-the-hun lady) of being in on it too. And now they are organizing a social media campaign to boycott the Georgia Senate run-off elections as punishment... because that makes total sense to punish alleged collusion with Democrats - who they've been railing about for months how they're going to bring about total destruction of the country - by giving Democrats control of the Senate too. /not-enough-facepalms-to-adequately-express-frustration-here

(Yes, I did take the time to verify that it was really their own people advocating this nonsense rather than just some left-leaning trolls moving in on their outlandish lack of reasoning skills, although there's no shortage of the latter now jumping onto that bandwagon since they've made themselves such a spectacular target)

So, these people are not really conservatives with genuine fears of the liberal agenda they've been decrying - at least I would imagine that if they were, then they'd be even more motivated to want to keep the Senate from switching rather than spitefully walking away. They are just idolaters, abusing other people's sincere faith and convictions when convenient, but perfectly willing to sacrifice their own allies and professed principles in putting their chosen golden calf above all else. And they're also not very bright.
Woke up a bit anxious for what today might bring as last night there was a lot of riling up of the base over a "biblical" lawsuit that's supposedly being filed in Georgia today. Opened up Twitter to see "God the Father" now trending.

Haven't yet found the root origin of the discussion, but what I've seen includes a lot of these people now trying to claim that the Trinitarian nature of God is heresy (which for fairness' sake I want to make clear the reminder that just seeing "a lot" is not a definite indicator of all or even a majority of a group's position. it's entirely possible for groups to be large enough that even very slim fringe margins can get to be significantly numerous, so care has to be taken to stay mindful of the distinction between bad ideas and bad people), and that Jesus can't be God because He was also a man. Which is getting an amazing amount of pushback from other Christians rather than just being glossed over or ignored.

Kind of a surreal experience watching people engage in serious theological debates on the nature of Christ via Twitter, but it does help me feel a bit more hopeful for the spiritual integrity of the country. But also still concerned about what the heck is the main objective going on here because there seems to be little sense in a group that aspires to garner political power through appealing to Christian conservatives to be saying that Jesus isn't really God.

I mean, no matter what anyone's personal political beliefs might entail, no country can be great without Jesus.
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the USA ceased to be great decades's unfortunate..but that's the truth..look at what his country has codified into law..that's all you need to know.
the USA ceased to be great decades's unfortunate..but that's the truth..look at what his country has codified into law..that's all you need to know.

Well, I actually don't disagree there and it's somewhat comforting to my sanity to not be alone in that view. Unfortunately it's a perspective that requires a higher-than-common level of historical and civic literacy that makes it really hard to explain in public venues, especially when dealing with a subset of the population inclined to think that reading valuable books of substance freely available in most local library systems is scholarly elitism or being a 'sheeple' while at the same time believing that the government is involved in massive conspiracies to sacrifice children to Satan and sell us all out to evil alien reptile overlords is perfectly reasonable because a YouTube video or some anonymous poster on 8kun said so.

So my efforts mostly get relegated down to the level of just trying to explain basic principles of scripture and logic to distressed people wondering why their chosen form of 'enlightenment' isn't working out for them** and, as of late, trying to dissuade from the idea that overthrowing the national government is likely to ever be something Jesus wants them to do.

But the Lord's not willing that any should perish, so that includes caring about difficult and logic-challenged people too.

** which is one of the benefits I get in CGA being a bit of an oasis in biblically-literate cultural knowledge and sanity, to be able to retreat back as needed to help recuperate from some of these overwhelming zergs of craziness. Albeit, occasionally there are moments of comedy to be had in it, such as one time when I stumbled into a group of Flat Earthers engaging in a serious discussion of trying to figure out how they should feel about Columbus statues, a lot of it really gets to be too stressful or disturbing to be safe for probably any one person to subject themselves to alone.
Something a bit more positive to report finally...

Despite all the wailing and gnashing of teeth that might be going on in print or on airwaves right now (some perhaps legitimate and I mean in no way to diminish any legitimate concerns, just caution against dangerous or predatory ones), things are starting to defuse somewhat now that people are seeing the voices they've been listening to coming out from behind their media accounts into public view, and rethinking their choices of who they want to be following accordingly.

And it happens to turn out that showing up at the nation's capitol to upend your kilt to display handwritten protest messages on your butt isn't generally viewed as the most effective way to present the dangers of the "intellectually elite."

And some other lovely gems of anti-genius happened as well, but the main point is the lunacy seems to be starting to disperse now rather than morphing together into some awful Mega-Transformer of pure crazy. For which Praise the Lord! because I don't think any method of human effort alone could have defended us from that.
And this should finally be my last posting on this, now that it's gone way beyond my scope and moved into the attention of much higher powers than me:

(note: I am not, nor have any connection to, the author of this link, but I think it well communicates what should be said)

QAnon Woke Up the Real Deep State

An open letter to QAnon, “stop the steal,” and other communities involved in the Capitol attack​

" that QAnon was involved in violent sedition, the national security state is paying attention. Arrests of people caught on camera storming the Capitol have already begun. Prosecutions will follow. Big tech companies — who, while powerful, are weaker than, and have a healthy fear of the government — are now treating QAnon almost like how they treat ISIS. A giant federal apparatus built to fight al Qaeda will shift some capacity to fighting you, especially the white nationalist and anti-government militias in your orbit.

You cheered on lawyers who said they’d release the Kraken. But now you’ve poked Leviathan.

This is what you need to absorb: QAnon and “stop the steal” are forever associated with a violent attack against the United States. Maybe that’s not what it’s meant to you, maybe you think that’s a misread of last week’s events, but that’s how the real Deep State, a lot of elected officials, and much of the public sees it.

If that isn’t what you signed up for, now would be a good time to get out."