Ps4 game list?


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Do we have a ps4 game thread? I was thinking of making a list of what multiplayer games i have so we can see who has what and get some game nights if possible
The only Multiplayer game I play right now, is Smite. I finished doom and decided to get the Witcher 3 when it was on sale and I am pretty much engrossed in that game.

The only other game I am interested in is No Man's Sky.
The only other game I am interested in is No Man's Sky.
I'm gonna be sending some stuff to Amazon soon for this very purpose. haha

I don't think there's such a thread, but it's a good idea. I have DriveClub, SMITE, Uncharted 4, Broforce, Helldivers, and Borderlands: Handsome Collection. I have on the way Injustice and vanilla Destiny.
Another useful thing would be to create a CGA community on PSN. Help everyone keep track, too.
That is a brilliant idea! And i have handsome collection too. Multiplayer in that game is amazing! CLAPTRAP FOR LIFE!
Hey Guys. I go by the name XEKUTER but u can just call me X. I'm 34 years old. I work as an accountant.

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I founded United Christian Gamers clan in June 2013 for the PlayStation. We're now on PS4. Add me on there to join. My psn Id is XEKUTER_50

I play Mainly Call of Duty, but I do play GTA and other action games too. I also switch it up and play other genres at times. Ive been gaming since the NES days with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario, Duck Hunt, just to name a few. Other systems Ive owned are SNES, SEGA, N64, PS1, PS2, XBOX, PS3, PC, and now PS4. Im just your typical gamer.