Well, it's been fairly quiet here regarding Proverbs. Any thoughts?

I just haven't known what exactly to say.

Proverbs 10-12

Well, there are obviously some repetitive themes. One theme I noticed is the wise vs. fool person. For example, "A wise man stores up knowledge, but the mouth of a fool invites ruin." There is a recurring theme of the wise man being slow to speak, having integrity, and being trustworthy. The fool ends up speaking too quickly, losing friends, and just chattering away on nothing.

Another theme is wealth vs. poverty. What's interesting is, these verses don't put a bad light on having financial success. Money is not a bad thing. Our attitude and heart is the driving matter. I really like Proverbs 10:22, "The blessing of the Lord brings welath, and he adds no trouble to it." When we attain that wealth on our own, we horde has control over us...and it is not a healthy situation. But when God gives it to us, it is a delight and we can rejoice in it and have peace over it.

Well, that's just two themes in today's readings. In all of the themes, we are basically given a choice. We can take the path of the righteous and the wise, or we can take the path of the lazy and the foolish. These are always good reminders of the person God is calling us to be.
Well, I'm am impressed with the fact that God shows us that it is greater to seek Wisdom then anything else.  When you think about it, with Wisdom all else is attainable.  For it is Wisdom that teaches us the will of the Father.  I especially love the way He so greatly blessed Solomon because when He asked him what he wished for Solomon asked for Wisdom instead of wealth, health, or anything else he could have asked for.  Perhaps we should take a lesson from Solomon!!!  
Gulp! I've been a day ahead for awhile. I accidentally skipped the Solomon getting his wisdom stuff. When I read your message a few days ago, I was like, "Yeah, we'll get to that." But then I started thinking you must have already read that. Sure enough, I looked back and realized I had skipped ahead that day.

Anyway, I totally agree. In fact, you writing that has given me new thoughts when reading Proverbs. Everywhere it talks about wisdom is much more meaningful.

Back to Solomon...

What's interesting is Solomon gets the wisdom, but he still messes up here and there. He sets up 12 governors for the land. You'd think there would be one for each tribe. Nope. He goes ahead and splits things up ACROSS tribal land boundaries. This is not a good thing.

In 1st Kings 5:13, he essentially does forced labor on the Israelites. Another bad idea.

Just keep in mind these things and realize the Israelites aren't too happy about some of Solomon's ideas.