Proposed Runepriest/Zealot changes


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Can be read here: Click me.

Interesting way to go about it, not sure how much support this will cut down though for Order side in ORVR. Pewpew RP LFG.
Zealots already were known, if specd that way, to kill players with a single dot. I sure hope that those dots are nerfed. I didn't see any mention of it in the article. If these same super dot zealots are getting a big boost in their int, it might be next to impossible for even a pure healer to heal through that. And suddenly, everyone will be rolling dot zealots and you'll be fighting a group of 6 zealots soon enough! I'm getting carried away but I can see it happening if the damage spells are not carefully adjusted.

I have never agreed with a class having the potential for great healing and dps at the same time and would have rathered the AM/Shaman and WP/DoK be brought back down to more traditional healing/support roles. However, it will make for a much funner RP for many a player who have given up on their RPs due to frustrations with solo PvE.