Proposal: PureFun/ToJ Counter-Strike Source Server

actually for source it's different...for source is muuuuuch more cpu intensive and bandwidth intensive. Head to for a good place for information on source rates. I have a wiki url for source raes that when i find it i'll post it.
I can't wait for assassin's creed :) - as soon as I have the money to upgrade my computer :(

Agreed, assassin's creed will hopefully be top notch. I think my last cpu upgrade (AMD Opteron 185) should help me run it too. Basically I maxed out my computer without upgrading the board, but I don't have a bouncing beautiful boy to take care of either.
I could shoot someone in the face all day long and them not die, but as soon as they take a random shot on me through 4 walls, I die ... not fun.

Which walls? Glass? Wood? Concrete? Steel? Fiber Glass?

The random kills occur beginning, during or ending of a weapon that has fired. (Except for Headshots)
You can even kill someone just by aimming their feet.

If you were a pro with a Deagle in CS:S, you can actually kill 7 players, each bullet with headshots.

Weapons are modified too, AUG uses 7.62mm equal to the AK47.
Silenced weapons have no muzzle flash and barely hearable.
The weaker pistols are stronger: "Increased ES57, Compact 228 and Dual Elites damage by 25%"
Flash/Smoke grenades can actually kill someone (though, extremely rare).
Update: I'll likely be renting out the server today. I'll get it all set up over the weekend and I'll post the IP as soon as possible! Can't wait!