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Some addons to help make life as a healing priest a lot easier:

Grid : Raid UI replacement. Very lightweight, takes up less real estate on your screen. It is highly configurable and thus configuring can be a daunting task. See me online for some set up help. Generally speaking, it works out of the box correctly.

Quartz : Casting bar replacement. This bar calculates a factor for latency. That is the time it takes for the command that you have started a heal to reach the server. If you have 250ms of latency, then a 1.5 second cast actually takes 1.75 seconds to land on the target from the time you start the cast. While nothing can be done about the initial cast, you can follow up consecutive heals on a 1.5s time schedule by beginning the next cast during the last 250ms of the first cast. This bar makes it highly visible when to start that next cast.

Clique : Add on that allows you to configure your mouse buttons to do any ability you would like. I have abolish disease bound to my right click button, so when somebody gets a disease, I just right click on their name in grid to cast abolish disease on that toon. I also have buttons associated with power word shield and dispel magic. You can have any number of combinations such as ctrl-left click to do this, ctrl-alt right click to do that. I find personally, putting a few instant casts up on the mouse for things that I normally don't think about like dispels and shields is more then adequate.

ora2 - Raid assist program. Allows the raid leader to set up main tanks, gives the raid leader the ability to set a bunch of conditions although we don't use them. Having a raid assist program has always been a requirement for Redeemed raiding

Deadly Boss Mods : Required raiding addon, gives a plethora of raid warnings and timers on boss fights.
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May I also suggest FortExorcist or Classtimer to track your DoT's or HoT's depending upon your spec. Either one is extremely useful when Focusing a MT or Mob.