Pray for my eye


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I normally don't ask for a prayer but having this twice, its very painful.

When I was a kid, I fell down the stairs and my right eye hit one of the steps.

Right now, my right eye lid is slightly smaller than my left.

The eye lash wraps underneath and touches my eye-ball.

I went to an eye specialist and they told me I'd have a appointment in a couple of weeks to get eye surgery for it.

I'm really hoping to get it soon but I have to wait.

I"m typing this with one eye and its annoying that my closed eye is watery and twitchy.

I pray that I get the surgery as soon as possible.


Mrs. Tek7
Can you wear a contact lens so your eyelash isn't rubbing up against your eye so much?

Edit: Praying. Just can't suppress the eyeball geek within. ;)
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