pouts where is everyone


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It appears no matter what time I try there is never anyone on any more. Did we decide not to play or to do something else differently or something??? I do not like to play without company like Ody says, " I need people." So Im or email me and let me know when/if we're playing. I was finally having a bit of fun again with a game. Blessings,"Angel"
Sorry, Angel. I was planning on actually being on this weekend. I got my computer back up and running, but now my internet service is wacky. I have to try several times to access a page, and then hope it loads all the way before I lose my internet connection. So, just imagine what happens when I try playing DAOC. I will finally get on, only to be booted off because of going link dead or something. It's not very fun at all. I've been trying to get a technician to come out and look at it, but they can't come until Monday (which I work all day on Monday, so I don't know what they'll do). Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to get on and play with you guys. Until then, take care and God bless.
Angel Angel Angel,

You should know that 1.) it was my 25th b-day yesterday and you didn't call to wish me a happy b-day :( and 2.) I'm always on after 5:30PM PST (after work). That's how I'm lvl 42 now :) yay

Anywho, see ya tonight?
I'm going to head over to WoW for a while. I just bought it today, so I haven't played it before. As much as I like Camelot and the classic servers, I'm getting bored on there.
Woot! It was finally glad to meet Angel and talk to her. And, of course, it was nice to finally play DAOC. My internet is still acting wacky, but not as bad as before. I can actually do something, but after a while I lose total connection (but that's another crazy story that I'll be glad to tell you if you want). However, I had a lot of fun this weekend and didn't even want to get off. It was nice to see so many people on (not necessariliy in the guild, but overall players). It was the most fun I've had in the game since I first got started (if even then). Maybe I will see some of you around, soon.

Oh, and according to Filter (the countdown show on G4TV), DAOC:Catacombs was #4 on EBGames PC sales a couple of weeks ago (behind Battlefield 2, WoW, and Guild Wars). So it seems people are actually still playing this game, or at least getting back into it.
Daoc has the best pvp in the mmo world, lots of people agree with me. Right now, the pvp in WoW is childs play... that vast majority of the people can go into the bgs, but the starter BG is basically capture the flag. After either side gets the flag 3 times, the game ends and you and the other 19 people are booted out, no matter what... I havnt been to the BG in Alterac Mountains, but it sounds good. I miss you guys, but... i have played Daoc for the past three years and i need a change. I miss seeing you guys:Litsafalda, Myth, Ansley, Gyllis and the others that play Daoc still. Wow has made great improvements in the game. There is virtually no lag in the areas where there used to be tons of lag. The guild has also taken a turn for the better. Also, since the move to Stonemaul, you dont get ganked nearly as much as on illidan. And if you do get ganked, i can guarantee that a high level guildie will be there asap. I miss you guys, i just need somthing different right now. :)

PS: Myth are you 50 yet? And happy Birthday and bye bye high insurance prices!
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I'm lvl 46 now :) And thanks, even though yer late! :p

I agree that the PvP on DAoC is the best PvP in any MMO IMO.

When there are folks around.

I will have to tell you that WoW has some interesting things on the horizon. They allow you to PvP in many different ways.

The one thing I do miss is fighting for the realm... so every so often i go gank the gankers who are preying on our younglings.