Poll: Thoughts on Creating TOJ Discord Category/Channels Within CGA?

Should TOJ have its own Discord category and/or channels within the CGA Discord?

  • No, keep the CGA Discord server setup as is.

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Tribe of Judah Warframe Chapter Leader
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Hi all! There have been a few conversations regarding to the nature of whether a TOJ category or channels of some sort should have a place in the CGA Discord server. I figured it would be a good idea to start that conversation here. Responding to this poll would be appreciated, but I would also love to hear your thoughts in detail.

What this poll does is to gather some opinions on your thoughts regarding to this topic and see if it's a real interest that the admins and mods should consider implementing.

NOTE: The results of the poll does NOT guarantee that changes will take place. @Tek7 would have to make that final approval.

From the conversations I've had so far, I see pros and cons to this.

  • Better interconnection between CGA and TOJ as they were both founded by Tek7. There has also been some confusion on why we have a CGA Discord and a TOJ website but no vice-versa.
  • TOJ-sanctioned gaming chapters can now have a home and their specific communities within the CGA Discord. Game-specific announcements won't get lost in the flood of messages in the other channels.
  • People who are primarily Discord users can see that we are active on game-related events.
  • Not every chapter may have a need for a Discord channel.
  • The channel(s) might not do well because of lack of interest or activity.
  • Increased risk of Too Many Channels Fatigue.
My Predicament
As a chapter leader of TOJ's Warframe community, I'm interested in potentially creating a channel (or a separate server depending on the circumstances) for my Warframe clanmates and friends who are from inside and outside of CGA. I'd like to maybe host some Warframe game nights/events, but it would be nice to streamline announcements through one avenue of communication rather than going to the different servers that I'm in and let all the Warframe players know what's going on.

I'm interested in fostering a closer-knit subcommunity for Warframe players since as of this post, Warframe is multi-platform, but not cross-play. Part of me dies a little inside whenever Warframe console players who join CGA are looking for a team to join, but they can't find one and give up or look elsewhere.

Personally, I'm much more active on Discord and have a strong preference to using it as my primary form of communication, but I don't know if there's enough interest to warrant such a change.
The people (well, three of them) have voted and they want channels for ToJ!

I went ahead and created channels for the Warframe chapter to start, but I'd be happy to create channels for our Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 chapters, should @RaySoul or @The Mighty Gerbil want any.