Playtesting and saying Hi


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brand spanking new here!
my gamer tag used to be ZAX back in the day playing laser tag and coin-ops...normally cuz it was a three letter word and that's what fit, but now i go by HeavyMetalKiss because it is a succinct description of moi.
Nice to meet you :)
I've got a pretty extensive packet for anyone who'd like to playtest FullArmour's fixed expansion card game...i want to release it pretty soon but i still need help ironing out kinks. I'm not really sure where ot stick this little queary but you can PM me soes i know where to put in on the forums.
anyone who playtests gets recognition and a collector's set when it releases.

Who do you need?
anyone who can read LOL no really it's a game that seasoned card gamers and first timers can play. it is designed for 1 to 10 players...tho my recommendation is up to 5 and players 9 and up can play...tho i recommend preteens and up. it's versatile.
if you want a play pack message me here or email me.