Planned downtime Saturday, March 25, 2017


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Good morning, all!

@Hescominsoon and I are planning forums downtime for this Saturday (March 25) to test moving the forums to a new server. HCS discovered several issues with our current server and is working hard to move us to a more stable server for long-term support.

During the weekend, the forums may be unavailable. When the forums are available, new posts and user accounts may be reverted at a future date.

We'll post additional information prior to the downtime on Saturday.

The Mighty Gerbil

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WHAAAAAA!?!? You mean computer work isn't done magically by Elves!?!?! Ah well at least now I know I don't have to feed my computer Keebler Crackers. The crackers weren't so bad but the butter kept clogging the fans...

Thank you kind sirs, Tek and HCS, for your hard work behind the curtain! :D


CGA\TOJ Hosting Manager
Actually it's bouncy time. We are going to take the forums offline so i can make a backup and them move them to a new server...then we are going to direct the internet to the new server. If things go well the downtime will be minimal..if not i'll have some work to do. if i cannot get things working on saturday we will move them back saturday night until i can figure out the issues.


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Okay, it's time!

I'm getting ready to take the forums offline so @Hescominsoon can begin the test migration.

I'll post again on social media and alert everyone on the Discord server once the forums are back up.


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I am not that technical so I'll just add prayer for insight and understanding to the mix.


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This has turned into quote the challenge..once we get this completed i'll post a post mortem detailing the challenges faces and steps taken for resolution.