I'm a ranger and i still have the first pet you catch in that mission and i was wondering, what sort of pets some of you have stumbled across that you can charm. Anything very cool? It would be cool if there were pets that were larger than your character or almost. During the last few beta's i wanted to charm a bear but it wasn't possible.
The Strider is a charmable pet. (That's the ostrich thing, right?) I found it to be slightly more effective than the Melandru's Stalker you get from the outset.
Yeah i was just reading on gwonline and it sounds like you can charm lizards and bears know. Who knows what else there is, it made me very excited.


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I once heard of someone with one of them wart hogs for a pet... haven't tried to tame one myself. I like my kitty. Always had one of them birds in beta. Would like to try to tame a lynx perhaps, but forgot where I saw one.
If I remember right you can find a lynx around the Lion's Arch area. One of the missions you do by the water, its roaming a beach in one of those missions.