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THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED - I just acquired 'Criminal Histories', which will help streamline the character creation process and allows us to use a different character sheet that comes with directions for filling it out.

Character sheets for the Paranoia role-playing game and instructions for filling them out can be downloaded for free, from the following sources:




These should be downloaded, printed and filled out by anyone who wants to participate in this game, even those who are only planning to play online.

Once you have your sheet handy, creating a character involves the following steps:

1 - Post to the introductory thread on this forum.
2 - "High Programmer Dorkelf" will respond and verify your clone name. You may not use a clone name until it has been approved in this way.
3 - You may now add your clone name to your character sheet, along with the following items: A red jumpsuit, a laser pistol, a red laser barrel, and 200 credits. Please write on your character sheet using pencil. Things are very likely to change.
4 - Further information will be added to your character sheet upon consultation with dorkelf. You can work with me to find a time to get together with you individually, or you can attend a 'mission alert'.

If you are unable to download and print your character sheet for whatever reason, I can fill it out for you and either mail it to you or scan and send it as an email attachment.

Please PM me with any questions or to arrange to get together with me to complete your character sheet.

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