Pally Questions


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I have a couple Pally questions.

I've been out of the game for a year or so and A LOT has changed. My pally is 72 and I would like to level him using Ret but then change to Holy with my first skill set and Ret (for PVP) with my other.

So here are my questions.

1. What is a good Ret DPS level spec.
2. After I'm done leveling (or close to it, say 78) what is a good healing spec?
3. What is a good PVP Ret spec?

Bonus question! These glyphs that are now in the game...any suggestions on those?

I hope you all don't feel that I'm being super lazy...I just need some sort of vision to what I should be doing. haha.

Thanks all!
So I stole Theros' Holy Talent tree...It looks pretty good for raiding healing and what have you so just in need of some Ret and glyph help.
For healing, Glyph of Holy Light which adds splash AOE healing to recipients near the target you heal and the glyph for extending Beacon of Light are two must haves.
1. best ret dps lvling sped would be prot (EPIC)
2. healing spec stack stam and go prot (was nerfed in last patch so idk now)
3. and pvp prot spec but with ret gear (my pally was slaughtered but a ret protadin)
Sorry, I didn't really realize we had this section.
You may have had this answered already.

Ret Glyphs

Consecrate (increases duration of Consecrate and cool-down, one of our best glyphs, reduces cool-down collisions)
Judgement (10% judgement damage)
Seal of Vengeance (grants expertise)

These are all of your DPS increasing talentsThe remaining points you can spend wherever you like. Some Rets pick up more of the PVP talents.
For PVE builds Aura mastery is popular, and so is Divine Sacrifice, it all depends on your play style.