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Max the Ax

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Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus.

This is Episode 1 of the Max the Ax series. It is simply called the Orientation Game.

Our game series deals with the gritty realities of Spiritual Warfare. For those of you who would like a fairly unique experience of a First Person Shooter with Scripture-Based puzzles, I invite you to download this game and give it a run, and see how well you will fare against a set of droids that simulate battle hardened demons.

Our purpose is to help in the preparation of a set of Christians that will bring in the Last and greatest harvest before the Lord Jesus returns.

I hope that you will give this game a try and send me some feedback. This will help me to tune the other episodes that are to come, either to make them harder or easier. But the trend will be to introduce deeper spiritual concepts as the episodes advance.

Blessings to all,