Ok perfect toj gathering


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Ok this is the perfect ToJ gathering.  Every year in Bushnell, Illinois there's a giant music festival called Cornerstone that I'm sure a bunch of ya'll have probably heard of.  So it's like first 10 days of July or something like that.  I already know I'm going so if anyone else ends up going let me know we'll have to hook up.  or if ya live somewhere on the way from south east Michigan to Illinois then hey come with me. :)

*Edit* Plus since Five Iron Frenzy's breaking up after this year(sadness) it's gonna be their last year and they're headlining C-Stone if I'm not mistaken.  So if your a FIF fan ya definitly gotta be there. ;-)

*Edit Again* Here's the website by the way http://www.cornerstonefestival.com/index.cfm

hmmm, maybe you could convince people to donate, and we could all buy you a plane ticket..

It's Illinois cause that's where the freaking huge Christian music festival is. ;-) As for Rizz well he can leave a couple months early and take some really cheap fair on a boat or a duck or something. ;-) And crazy your a nub and should come with us. ;-)