Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread


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ToJ handle: Kymeric
GW2 Account Name: Gibson.4036
Official Character Names: TBD

Looking to join you guys for the next BWE and hopefully after launch. I've narrowed professions down to Guardian/Thief/Engineer/Mesmer, but still trying to decide between those four. Very interested in WvW.


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Looking for a Christian based guild home. Seems like the place to be :).

I'm not sure how to get a ToJ handle
GW2 Character names: Pastor T and Faithandvictory


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TOJ Name: vigilante
GW2 Name: TBD

Haven't been very active in the past few months, as I've been out of online gaming for a while, but I'm interested in the direction Guild Wars 2 is heading and I would like to join up and play with you guys.


Tribe of Judah Guild Wars Chapter Leader
I hate to do this, but for the sake of keeping this thread clear and organized, I ask members to refrain from replying to this thread. Officers, once necessary, please only post welcomes after sending an invite in-game so we know who has been invited and who still needs to be. After the next BWE I will create an introduction thread so everyone can welcome new members :)


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ToJ Valorian
In game name I hope to get Valorian if not then Boomstick GoBoom

I am one of the KoTC members (knights of the Cross) from SWTOR that are looking to join your guild


Myself (Bick/Klaatu) & Biblica will be there as well.

We are of the KoTC members (Knights of the Cross) from SWTOR that are looking to join your guild

In Beta I have a level 20 Guardian & 15 Warrior. Been lots of fun to play.


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TOJ: Itisfinished (been a member on that site for quite some time now...haha)
GW2: Rockofages (But in-game i'll be Lionofjuda and Itisfinished)
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Looking forward to joining this guild

Hi all. From what I see here this guild looks like a very pleasant change from all the others out there. Glad to be here.

ToJ name: cadeyrn
GW2 Account name: Cadeyrn.6905
Character names:
main (only in final release): Cadeyrn Llywarch (Human Ranger)
For 3rd, and final, beta: Tulgey Wood or Tumtum Tree (Sylvari, probably guardian)