Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

Invite sent, welcome. The only question I have that never gets a good answer is, "Why is there air?"
(not sure what your policies are onmains/alts)

Glad to see you aboard Everhardt!! I'm equally encouraged that our tags running around GW2 are becoming recognizable and prominent :)

As for our policies on alts, we don't have any. We would strongly encourage you to represent LoE on all your characters, but with GW2's unique and dynamic representation system we A) can't honestly enforce mandatory representation and B) would be silly to take this element out of the game that makes it so community driven.

I myself am in several guilds, I spend most of my time in LoE, but for certain situations (namely WvW) I'll represent our WvW guild and run around CAMPing.

All in all, we'd love for you to spend your time in LoE, but we also encourage you to branch out into other Christian guilds and the SoR community. :)
Invite sent, Bogdan and Repentence - welcome to the guild - I'll be looking for you in-game.
Evening Brothers,

ToJ Name: VZpossum
Forum Name: []VZpossum
Character Name: sreamingpossum.8601 (account)

Char: screaming possum (Guardian)
Invite sent, welcome. Hope ya ain't playin' possum. Most possums around here wind up DoR, Dead on the Road.
Hello! I was approved as a member and was looking for a guild invite for GW2. My account is Bortis.8105. Looking forward to gaming with the guild. God Bless, Bortis.
TOJ: A Servant
GW2: Servus Vitae
other GW2 characters haven't been made yet

You knew me in Guild Wars 1 as
Main: Kindly Hero