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Regarding the new guild name, I would like to keep Spirit of Elijah as well but it's not something that's a big deal to me if the majority want to change it. I think it would be nice to keep some element of the name there if we do decide to change it. Kinda how a guild would naturally change over 250 years. Maybe like "Legacy of Elijah".


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I am one of the ones who really wants to play GW2 who had not been part of that legacy from GW1.

AND to be honest its hard to know what legacy or history there was because its a brand new game and unless someone wanted to dig through thread after thread of GW1 forums its a non issue.

I understand some will follow the group from GW1 to GW2, but to be honest it will have enough from other groups and from other games joining so much so that the legacy for what ever happened in GW1 is not the issue. I feel like it should be about drumming up excitement and freshness for GW2's guild. The game developers are pushing hard to make sure people know GW2 is not the same as GW1, in fact they have stressed this time and again.

New Game new flashy game, new guild! Its my opinion and although I understand your opinion on this, unless there will be a history book of the history of Tribe of Judah in Guild Wars, this seems like a non-issue to me.

This is my opinion and is not meant to be augmentative in any way.

I'm in the same boat, I was playing (and moved on from GW) before I knew about ToJ. When I did go back and try to join, I couldn't due to alignment. Something similar happened (wrong server choice) when SWTOR came out and there wasn't a ToJ Repub guild clearly announced.

So hope to start off fresh for once before anything like that happens again, lol. Very glad to see all this discussed now.

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I'm a rather big fan of Legacy of Elijah. Got a good ring to it. Hinting at the deep history the guild has, while still remaining new for a new game.