No Mission Tonight (Sun Feb 17)


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In celebration of the Alpha-Complex-wide Toothpaste awareness daycycle, the Computer has suspended all troubleshooter missions this evening. Please stand by for further instructions regarding an upcoming mission. Thanks you for your attention, citizens. The Computer's tip for the day: While you're hanging around your barracks this evening, don't forget about some of the wonderful often-forgotten uses for Toothpaste:

1 - Leave a blob of it out to dry tonight and you'll have a delicious wad of chewing gum in the morning!

2 - It's great for sealing small cracks in your ceiling or walls.

3 - Mix some into your Bouncy Bubble Beverage for a delicious, tangy twist!

[Dea and I are visiting friends tonight and Ishy's been sick this weekend, but we might be able to shoot for next week. Anyone want to have a game next Sunday night, Feb 23?]

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