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Ok. So most of you know that I LOATHE PvP, but a buddy of mine was talking about it and the idea dawned on me . . .

I do have this 45 Pally who is filling absolutely 0 role in my fraternity of chars, I could have him turn into a PvPer. I also have a 34 Hunter that I could use for PvP.

Here's what I need to know from you all:
I use both and for advice on speccing, gemming, enchanting, rotations, etc. for my PvE chars. However, I do not know of a similar site that will assist in bringing up a char w/ a good PvP spec and good PvP gear, enchants, etc. Do any of you know anything like this?

Also, do any of you have any advice from your own knowledge/experience base to advise on:
- Which to go with? Paladin or Hunter?
- Which spec to go with? Prot/Ret/Holy or BM/MM/Surv?

Any help would be great. TYVM
Not a lot of true PvP gear in the 34 -45 range other than the PvP heirlooms and some items from AB and WSG vendors.

Basically you would just need to find the best gear you can for whatever role you want which will most likely be healer or dps since tanking is not really needed.

Heirloom gear is about as good as any and the PvP heirlooms can give you some of the better stats for PvP, not to mention you won't have to constantly find new gear as you lvl.

You can use and choose your class and playstyle and see what the popular spec is for that class. You may need to adjust some since some of the talents they have selected may involve spells or shots you don't have yet.

I liked my ret pally at that lvl because he did good dmg and also healed himself and others really well. I didn't die near as much as some of my other toons.

Also, AtlasLoot will let you search through all the PvP gear available from all factions and vendors.

Just my .02
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If you'd want to get involved with low lvl pvp heirlooms are fine, but I'd strongly encourage the WG heirloom gear.

My prot pally with heirlooms is pretty tough to beat. I'm not sure which hunter makes the best pvp'er though. If you want honor to buy the gear, I'd be glad to go in Bg's with Guilo as a healer to make it easier/ more bearable in BGs :D
Eric, I know this thread is about PvP but just so you know askmrrobot is one of the not-so-good websites for pve gearing/gemming stuff. I don't know how the Prot Warriors strat look on EJ but EJ is generally the best way to go.
Eric if this is still something you're interested in, Noxxic just started putting up Beta stuff for pvp spec/gear and everything as well so check that out!