New to Sunrest - looking for ToJ guild


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I have been playing Rift since Beta and found out about ToJ recently. I would like to be a part of a christian guild in game and have registered on CGA and am looking for an invite to ToJ if you are still receiving members.

Sweet! We are always looking for brothers and sisters to join us.
I don't play on Sundays, but we should have some officers on in the evening. Look for Corinth/Tag, Ehren, Cheribum, Marthaniel, or Gaborn.
I started a new toon (Oded) and ran into Ehren who got him in the guild. I have three other toons (50 rogue, 39 mage, and 35ish cleric) which I have transferred to the Sunrest server and would like to get into the guild as well. The 50 rogue is an expert weaponsmith with three different purple lvl 50 weapon recipes if anyone needs upgrades.
Sorry to find that Reborn is at the same place where my old guild on another server is - -dying out with no real presence. When my time allows, I will be moving onto another server where I hope to find a group of active persons who still want to play the game. Maybe it is God's leading for me to leave the game entirely since I also don't find the same enjoyment in it that I did when it first came out. God bless.

Yeah it is sad, we had a really good run for the first 4 months. Lots of very active players and doing lots of stuff together and always hanging out in TS3. Then once people started hitting 50 we were losing them as fast as we were gaining new ones.

I am grateful to meet some wonderful people during this time and now as we move on to other games I look forward to playing with them again. Steam is a such a blessing, a great tool to keep up with what games people are checking out and join them.
Hey Caephus, many people aren't happy about the changes, I'm sorry to let anyone down. I hope this doesn't put a bad taste in your mouth of ToJ and hopefully we can play other games.