New to LoL, or need some quick info...?


Tribe of Judah League of Legends Chapter Leader
As the Chapter Leader, I am glad to see so much interest in the LoL chapter of ToJ.
We would like to have this thread be one that helps direct New or Interested players get a start on things that one may need to know to get started.
First, League of Legends is a totally free to play clone of Dota ( where it is a 5 vs 5 scramble to win. It can be downloaded Here and then just get started...
We use the Teamspeak service for in game communication, again free and downloadable here.
The (un)official nite to play is Monday, but look for any of us found here (summoner names list) at any given time. Friend us, we are nice...!:D
Feel free to ask questions and post comments in forums, as there some very good players that can help out a any given time.
Good luck and God Bless!