New Patch is out...


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I think this is the most important change:

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Messages in the chat window provide feedback when you are getting drunk or sober.

I don't know how I survived without, I've never tried drinking in the game....but Bannard has a compulsive nature...we would need to set up an AA cell in IronForge.


Yeah. And after 4-5 hours, I'm still only at 61%. For my last day here, I may not be able to get in game and say goodbye.


I downloaded the patch and got in game and everything seemed to work.. until I try to train anyone I talk to to train either proffesion trainers or class trainers gives me some strange error. No one on the tech suport forum had this issue so i'm reinstalling the game right now....

here is another link for the patch it's bittorent but i'm getting it at 250k and just finished with 6 minutes of downloading...


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Here is an alternate source that downloaded from Malohaut. There are others out there if that one no longer works. Check the WoW forums; search for "Unoffical Patch Sources".


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ahhhh the memories of patch days.

I used to not play on patch days. On UO we would get entire days wiped out due to bad patches.