New MoH:AA Game!


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This is Tom coming at you with some news from the MOH:AA Chapter. We are holding a match on Friday, October 24th at 8PM Central Time for the Chapter. Everyone is invited so here's the server information:

Opening time: 8PM CST
IP Address: To be announced Friday morning. Stay tuned to the CGA Message boards and the ToJ website.
Hostname Tribe of Judah MOH Server
Gametype: Team Match
Max Clients: 16
Fraglimit: 50
Timelimit: 15
Maplist: Southern France, Destroyed Village, Remagen, The Bridge, Stalingrad and Algiers.
Starting Map: The Bridge

Be sure to put your "ToJ |" tags on! The server is running DogTag and a swear filter as well. If you have any questions, let me know by e-mailing me:
*cough* Just a quick reminder to all members of all chapters: the official Tribe of Judah tag is now []