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Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti

I just joined TOJ and would like to get an invite to Reborn. I am planning to move characters to the Sunset server, but currently my character on Sunset is Thomlas, a high elf rouge.

I have been looking for a guild that would fit my standards, but I just discovered Reborn and TOJ and I am excited to find brothers and sisters the play games. I look forward to meeting you all.

I have some other characters on the Estrael server that I will move over once I get settled in Reborn. So I hope the invite will come soon. I generally play evenings and weekends, but can sometimes be found online during week days as well.

I looked for you last night...what is your in-game name?

add to your friends list: Ehren, Mirakle, Corinth, Tag, Marthanial, Cheribum, one of them can get you an invite.