New level groups??


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I've noticed that my PvP battleground groups since the Shattering have different level ranges. My rogue (lvl 74) was doing randoms and I never saw a toon over lvl 74 in the BG. I haven't confirmed it yet but it appears that Blizz has changed the level range for BG's to be 5 lvls instead of 10. I like the change. Evens out the groups so you can now PvP at the early stages of your lvl groups, ie 70-71, and not constantly die to all the lvl 78-79 players in the group. Of course it also means that when you're at the top lvl range you have less of an advantage and can't go around ganking all the lowbies on the other team...
WOOT!! not that I don't like researching info when it helps make the game easier/more fun, but I enjoy it more when I reach the conclusion on my own :)