New Bible Study Series Underway!


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This weekend we started a new voice chat Bible Study. We're starting out with "Books Your Pastor Never Goes Over", as a fun way to look at the various books of the Bible that never seem to come up on Sunday morning. We met in the TeamSpeak server, in the World of Warcraft room. We'll be posting about upcoming times here. Feel free to reply with times that work for you. Also feel free to invite absolutely anybody, from other Toj/CGA groups, or anyone else to join in the MSC fun. We started with Ecclesiastes, and went over Chapter 1. Some notes:

1) Ecclesiastes is a book written with the final thoughts of the final chapter in mind all along the way. (See Ecc. 12:13 for this conclusion)

2) Several chapters of Ecclesiastes introduce various "wrong" answers to life's big questions. Chapter 1 introduces many of those themes.
a) Nature is not the answer
b) Experiencing more is not the answer
c) Accumulating wisdom is not the answer
d) Trying to make a legacy for yourself is not the answer

3) Solomon believed that Marx, Mao, and anybody else who tries to permanently fix all of humanity's problems are confused. "What is twisted cannot be straightened; what is lacking cannot be counted." Ecc. 1:15, NIV

4) Given the context of the final conclusion of the book, a modern education in wisdom (such as a University education) is meaningless without a Christian context. That doesn't necessarily mean Christian education is superior, but that the learner must have a Christian context for all of their learning to be able to get anything of permanent value.
Bible Study Part 2 coming up

Part 2 of our Bible Study in Ecclesiastes will be the Wednesday at 11pm pacific. Log on at that time, or just go to the Toj Teamspeak server and go to the WoW room. Send me a PM for more info or details.