need xbox live friends


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i play a lot of games online on xbox live. i need to add more people to my friends list that have a higher moral standard than most of those i usually join up with. my gamertag is Alias75. thanks for any friend requests. i am also wondering if anyone else on the site is in oklahoma besides myself.:D
ALIAS, I live in Tulsa and play on Xbox live pretty often now that Halo 3 has released. Join us on the ToJ forums and add us to your friends list. Mine's E1ihu BTW.
[CGA] CoD4:MW clan

Hello, I am an XboxLIVE friend of FIRE221.
Recently I noticed he joined a clan, "[CGA]" on his Call of Duty 4: Modern Warefare name. I am currently part of a 3man 'clan', we have tagged ourselves "[WWJD]", but recently I personally received flak about that, by another CoD4 gamer who said something like, "Jesus wouldn't shoot people with a Baretta 50 cal!" {Note he meant "Barret .50 cal.", but mis-spoke, heh}
In any case, my other clan-mates are rfomrules & Phodar. I was thinking to submit the suggestion to them that we join [CGA], but I thought I'd better run the idea past you first. Perhaps you might add us as XboxLIVE Friends, and play with us a little?
<--Is not a fan boy of Xbox. Bought a PS3 because read it was more dependable better hardware. And I do like that about my PS3. But I do think that it seems more people may own an Xbox because it came out earlier, Xbox Live has more players, better user interface, and it's a little cheaper to own.

But you and I both have our freedom of choice and I wish ToJ had an Playstation network chapter that was as active as the Xbox's. It would be awesome to be able to hook up with some old friends from WoW on a console game now that that's where I am playing these days.
Hey bro my GT is SOG Phoenix. My xbox is broken atm and I'm sending it in for repair in a day or two so I might now be on for awhile though.