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I couldn't get Tuk UI or a few others to do what I wanted. Too bad, because I really like how it looks. Maybe if I have more time I'll find a way to make it work. My UI needs some work too, but it's functional and I thought I'd share what I'm doing and why. Maybe you guys can make some suggestions.

EDIT: I changed my UI from my first post. This pic is the "new new" UI:

The rest of these re the "old new" :)
Here is what I normally see:

Here are comments about the layout:

My guild addon that I love!


Lastly, here is a shot of Arkinventory, the bag manager. I love it! It auto sorts everything for me!

I use a full HD resolution while playing. I'd love to get feedback and suggestions. And, I'd love to pretty mine up a bit!
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Nice UI, Todd. I will have to get theat GuildFU one. That is really nice.

I was wondering if you folks noticed that Omen now puts a threat percentage above your target and what you think about not showing the Omen window and just relying on the percentage?
Can you send me the gold that you have there?

I like the UI and have seen many many that I like, none that work for every toon I have yet though.

My only issue I have with the custom UI's or any packages like that it when a patch comes out. When I had a pretty customized package once, it took me 3 days after one of the patches to get it to update everything and function correctly.

now, I only run a few addons so when patch day comes, there is only minor updating.
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This is pretty much the same way I do things as well. I used to try and mech everything out but when a patch would hit it was frustrating waiting for certain addons to get updated and even having to disable some. It has been much easier on my sanity to simplify my UI but now after seeing your 'new, new' layout and cleaning the drool off my keyboard I may now have problems with my addon addiction coming back. I will post my current layout when I have more time and will be looking forward to recommendations as well.
Joe's sanity

[7F]EhUd;429990 said:
It has been much easier on my sanity to simplify my UI ...

Joe, we might question the accuracy of your response. If you're sane now, I'd hate to see insane! :)

And yes, UI tweaking is a sickness. I blame Adam!
I too am a addonaholic, currently in my minimalistic phase. Every couple of patches I get frustrated by all the updating required and go for the minimum addon roll out. Then I see pictures of others, start dreaming and BAM right back to full customization.

What addon do you use for your targeting?
I love all your add-ons... but what I've noticed is you don't see your party or raid anywhere... As a raid leader, I almost make it a MUST for EVERYONE to see the health bars of everyone in the raid, even if it's just a little square shoved in a corner. This allows each player to know when people die as opposed to just the healers.

There is more logic behind it which I can explain if you would like... but before you go all crazy, do notice that most dps videos you can see the health bars of everyone in raid too...
Raid members

The only reason you don't see raid members is because I wasn't in a raid at the time. :)

The UI very nicely displays the party and raid members as well as their mana, rage, energy, etc. When I'm on my healer, it places these raid members conveniently toward the center of the screen for easy visuals.
Target frame

Whoops, sorry. Didn't see your question earlier. I'm just using whatever is built into the Elv UI. It does a nice job of formatting and aligning them for me. I'd guess it is the same for Tuk UI.
I've installed this earlier and have been trying to tweak it. I will need to ask you some questions in game Todd; like how to have all the default buttons still show up in the ui (you have them top & center of your screen) - also trying to move and config bars and having no luck. you use titan, should i drop dominos in favor for it? Also would love to know what you use for your timer bar to show when CDs are done. One of the raid videos i watched of heroic Shannox had the mage using a very similar timer = would love it too.
I am using Elvui now and I have to say the only thing that is annoying me still is the chat box. I have been fiddling around with it and trying to find a way to have my chatter addon override the current setup. I love being able to link in chatter so unless I am doing something wrong I can't seem to get the Elvui one to work the same as I would like.

I use Chatter and Elv UI is working perfect with it. I don't recall having to do anything special to make it work. When I installed Elv UI I just let it configure the chat windows, etc and it all worked fine. I'll try to look through settings to see if I notice anything.