Need help with my Tattoo

Personally, I had this idea that I thought would be sick. Sleeves that are designed to look like a pair of stained glass art pieces, both pertaining to Zelda in a Wind Waker-ish art style.

I wouldn't ever get it since I'd want any tattoos I got to be hidden by a t-shirt, but I still think, so far as sleeves go, it'd be pretty awesome.
iconic moments:

FF7 Sephiroth kills Aerith and the Materia drops down the platforms
I would usually say something about spoiler tags (put spoilers in between [noparse]
[/noparse]!) in reply to a post like this, but I'm pretty sure a plot "twist" from a 14-year old game is old news by now.
Thanks all, have some great ideas... I'm heading in Friday to get some moe bio work done on my legs and then start planning on my back and arms for this... so keep the thoughts coming.
Tribals are really nice. I'm one of those people who planned my tattoo out in a week, it's a half sleeve, got it done in 2 four hour sessions, and 3 years later still love it. It's of my favorite verse passage in a hebraic type script with a custom made tribal design behind it. The tattoo has got to be of something that has a lot of meaning to you personally in order for it not to get old and embarrassing. Can't really go wrong with Scripture passages, imo.
Here is the Tribal Lion I'm getting on my arm in a couple weeks. In the space to the right, I'm considering some scripture such as John 3:16, or something else. I've not really made my mind up on which scripture to use, anyone got any particular favorites?

I know all the arguements and have studied it and find no issues with decarating my temple with great artwork... My temple isn't plain, it has bright an awesome pictures.
I love this response.

I like your idea of getting a video game related tattoo. I love tattoos that represent something that is extremely meaningful. However, I would stick with symbols as they're more recognizable and easily discernible. I recently had a tattoo done with my 2 brothers that says "brothers" in traditional Irish Gaelic.