Necromancer wands and focus items

Abba San

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I am in the process of runing up and arming my Sabway Necros. I'm upgrading armor with health and energy add-ons (as I've seen recommended on various sites), and looking for good wand and focus item combos.

Any suggestions for the Spiteful Spirit or Jagged Bones Necros is appreciated. I'm looking to get a 40/40 combo with health and/or energy boosts. My understanding is that it doesn't matter much with the Healing Necro since s/he will be carrying Protective Was Kaolai most of the time.

If you know of specific wands or focus items - let me know. If you have some taking up storage space - I'd be happy to discuss a trade or purchase. I'm going to post this on the trade forum as well.

40/40 is probably your best bet. However, Jagged Bones might be worth a +20% Enchantment. get 36 seconds out of a 30 second spell. Also if you're using Death Nova.
Both are set up with Death Nova.

Thanks - that is helpful.

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