Natural Selection 2 Steam IDs (important)


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For the purpose of keeping track of ToJ Members and Admins, I would like to create a list of what SteamIDs belong to who.

If you could please reply to this thread with the following form (filled in), I'd greatly appreciate it. It'll make things a ton easier.

Steam Community link:
If you need to know how to get your NS2 steamID (which is different from source based games), you can follow the below guide. To get your source SteamID, you need to go into a multiplayer server on a Source based game, and type status in the console.

SteamID Format

NS2 does not use the usual SteamID format. If you have your old SteamID (from the 'status' command in a game like TF2), you can convert it to a NS2 style SteamID using the following formulas:

  STEAM_0:0:XXXXX :(SteamID * 2)
  STEAM_0:1:XXXXX :(SteamID * 2 + 1)


  STEAM_0:0:919317: 919317 * 2 = 1838634 
  STEAM_0:1:919317: 919317 * 2 + 1 = 1838635

If you have difficulties, there is a simple converter available here:

Click "upload with new input" and enter your old-style SteamIDs, one per line.
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hrm i'll try..of course you could just look in the logs i'll ALWAYS connect via a 192.168.255.x address since it's simple on the other side of my firewall from me..<G>


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Bumping this thread back into view so we can add more server admins.