Myth's Family and Rest of Guild


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Seems as though there is only 1 active member in this guild now. All other accounts seem to have been disabled due to cancellation. My family is going to be cancelling all of our accounts this month and we are moving to different games. I, Mythran, am moving on to City of Heroes. My wife is heading over to join the rest of the guild in World of Warcraft. Nick joined City of Heroes already and my cousin...well, dunno about him.

My brothers are staying as far as I know but the only active brother I have that has his only account is 11 years old (or around there)....don't think anyone wants him as guild lead heh..

Anywho, we are going to try this for 1 month. If we have any problems with the in, we don't want to stay away from daoc, we will move back...otherwise, this is it for DAOC for us...

I saw Gyllis on last time I was on, but don't know if he's staying either...

My email address is Please email me if y'all play City of Heroes. Also, for those of you that play WoW, let me know any relivant info for my wife so she can meet up with ya (like in DAoc, the server y'all play on)...

Love y'all..



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I made two charaters, An Agent "Anthoni" and an adventurer "Montrez"  ** Clever aren't I?*** Anyway I am on the Alanteen Sever "1st" Omni side. WOW looks Soooooooooooooo  cool, but AO IS FREE FOR A YEAR. So thats where I will before A while I think. I miss year,

Remember me, and smile, Preach the Gospel often, and when nessassary use words!

Until that time...

Take care


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Heya Myth, I miss you guys alot and you too Vicar!  I need to "hear" your jokes again, i miss them alot.  And the rest of the crowd you blessed us with In Daoc
 We miss you and love you the same as always.