My review for Battlefield 2 Special Forces


I just picked up a copy and have played it for about a couple of hours,this is just to clear up some rumors.

The game is good but yet i think it is gonna take a lot of getting used to

-Ranking, you will hold the same rank as you did on bf2 it wont change

-It is now US Navy Seals NOT US Marine Corps

-Recoil has icreased and is better

-New cars and stuff

-Weapons design are differnt for some and some the same

Its an all around good game because it comes from BF2 but I would give it about a 7 or 8 out of 10

Also:: Side Note:

Xfire does not register the game as BF2SF it just shows it as BF2 :(

I'm waiting for my download to finish of the 1.12 update so that I can play the expansion. Picked up my copy today. Can't wait to try out the grapple gun and zip cord.
I just got special forces the other day and I love it. Its a lot more strategy based because of flash bangs and gas, also the night maps require a lot of patience because the enemy could run in front of you and you wouldn't notice so it creates kinda like an air of suspense. The new vehicles are also great, like the atv and the jet ski.
It rocks! I love the RPG, it seems more powerful than the US AT weapon. There are also some new weapons to unlock. My first night of playing it went awesome! I have not been on the losing side in a battle yet and I got a couple more bronze and silver stars. I had to have played at least a dozen matches.