My mother passed away earlier this week


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My mother passed away earlier this week. @Ember and I visited her the morning of the day she passed then received word of her passing shortly after driving back home.

Please pray for me and for my dad in the days and weeks following her passing.

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Been praying for you and your family Tek and will continue to do so. I don't think I could deal with the loss of either of my parents because they are all I have on Earth. Never take your wife and kids for granted Tek and make certain your Dad knows he is still needed as part of that family.


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My heart goes out to you Tek.
It's never a great time to lose a loved one... especially a Mom the week before Mother's Day. I know because the same thing happened to my Husband 3 years ago. She passed in a hospital room the right before Mother's Day. It changes the whole holiday. The first year, my husband didn't want to celebrate at all. He didn't feel like celebrating. And if you're feeling that... it's totally normal. You might feel that way for a while, even for a few Mother's Days. My prayer is that you'll eventually be able to celebrate again! It may take years but I'm praying that you'll be able to celebrate your Mom's life and how special she was to you! Remember the good times and how she invested in your life! Think of how she'd love to see you doing well and would be so proud of you! It won't be the same without her, but the love she's instilled in you lives on. You are her legacy.


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I have not experienced that particular loss but I have lost one very close to me. I will keep you and ember in my prayers and thoughts. God will hold you close during this difficult time.


Haven't stopped by the website for a while. Very sorry for your loss, bro. May God grant you and your family strength and peace.