My Dreams....


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I'm building a mansion loosely based on this. I think it'll be a fine addition to this great server. Feel free to gift any wool, diamond tools, slime, quartz, or any other things that could be of use.

Fake Edit:.... yeah, its gonna be big :p, you can watch progress @-146, -1020


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That will be cool. :) I stopped by earlier and saw just a bit of your floor plan laid out. It looks impressive.


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That is awesome, Ill have to come by and take a look, though Im not sure where that is, maybe when that map gets uploaded (hint, hint) :)


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If you go towards my house in the nether, his path is right there. You can't miss it.

It's near Grey's portal in the Nether. In fact, you could take a short walk from his house to CowRocket's.