My current addons - and yours?


I have been trying to go through and delete the addons that I have no use for...I think I am a bit of an addon-junkie though. :D you will notice that I no longer use a UI mod anymore. Though I loved Spartan I don't find a UI addon a necessity after deciding to go without. Even though the hello kitty one looks pretty awesome!

Addon control panel - amazing for being able to control addons from within the game

Altoholic - track all my characters

ArkInventory - bag management

Atlasloot Enhanced - see possible loot drops from bosses

AuctionMaster - using the AH nicely

Chatter - great addon allowing copy and pasting for chat

Deadly Boss Mods - must have for dungeon runs

Decursive - great for mages for dispell on friendlies

Fishing Buddy - tracks every cast in game - great for fishing addicts

Healbot Continued - used on my holy pally

Identity - just to add my RL name in guild chat

Omen Theat Meter - another mage necessity

PallyPower - let's me see my Pally buffs; would like a better one i think

PlayerScore - updated way of seeing gear levels on people in game

Postal - awesome way to get mail; especially on a bank toon

QuestHelper - helps questing :)

Recount - great for tracking stats
I am an addonaholic. Most of these are available on If not there, on So, here goes.

Arkinventory – great bag management and item sorting

Atlas – instance map browser

AtlasLoot – access to loot tables on Bosses

Auctionator – auction house mod. For me, less complicated than auctioneer

Chat Notes – allows me to display Guild notes in chat so I know who folks are

Chatter – chat addon, used to move chat frame all the way to bottom of screen.

Clique – click casting on unit frames, nice for fear and banish for my warlock

Deadly Boss Mods – raid warnings and timers

Dominos – actionbars

Gathermate2/Gathermate2_Data – shows mining, herb, fishing, gas cloud, etc nodes

Inflight – shows time it takes to fly from one place to another

InlineAura - displays aura information directly inside action buttons

Lightheaded – ingame access to wowhead quest comments

Mapster – coordinates and fog of war removal

Omen – threat monitoring

OmniCC - cooldown counts inside action buttons

OreCrusher – shows possible profit from prospecting

Pawn – gear comparison based on relative stat weights. Built in stat weights from wowhead or you can use your own. Also displays character level

Postal – mailbox support. One click to get all your mail

QuestPointer – puts quest markers on minimap

Recount – damage/healing meters

SellJunk – one click to sell off gray items

ShadowedUnitFrames – unit frame addon

SunnArt – I use this to create an area at the bottom off my screen to place addons. It also allows me to resize the WoW playing area so the addon area does not overlap.

TidyPlates – nameplate addon. Nice for tanking to see that you have agro on all mobs

TipTac – configure and move tooltip

TomTom – navigation. “crazy arrow” for finding quests, coordinates, your dead body …

Vuhdo – great healing addon (used to use Grid/clique, but this one is better now). Also use it for decursing.

xanMortarPestle – one click prospecting, disenchanting and milling

xanTooltipHoudini - hides the Game Tooltip while you're in combat

This shows a screenshot for Golias (warlock).
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