My character


Since my characters were reset, I recreated my female character.

Lady Abigale - Ranger/Mesmer

My other character will still be Simon the Zealot, but I might go for a Warrior, Elementalist, or Monk. The character name is at least reserved in my old character until I get around to deleting and recreating him. I just want to put in some time with my first character before I move on to additional characters.


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My character....

Silver Sand - Warrior / Ranger - I don't use any ranger skills, just the pet... Other than the pet, Silver is 100% Warrior with a Sword!

Ezekiel Bones - Necro / Warrior - 90% warrior with the rest going towards stealing the bad guys life. It's my counter to all the Warrior / Monks out there... there are way to many. Not that I don't like them. :)


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im working on a w/me right now, almost lvl 10...trying to get a new helm but noone has steel ingots =(
B-man, steel ingots were never a problem for me in beta. Just get yourself a salvage kit, go on any of the first few missions. (At level 10, you should be able to solo them.) Ignore drops that won't salvage into ingots, and you should be able to pick up about 20-25 ingots each run.
Welcome to SoE Bman. Welcome to all the new members. I haven't been posting on the boards as much as I should be so sorry about that. Well hope to see you in game soon. Oh, Silver and I collaberated on the design of the new Cape, so we now have a cape for our guild again, 2000 gold later, lol. Hope you like it.


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Please send me an invite; I have quit AEUG.

My character names are Lemon E Fresh and Val Paraiso. Use either one.
This is so awesome. We have so many new members, I never thought that our Christian guild would have so many people that would want to be a part of it. Lots of Christians playing Guild Wars, means we can have a lot of Christian fellowship. It also means we can do a lot of missions and stuff together, which is awesome means we don't have to listen to swearing and other such things!
I am so glad that things are working out. I'm hoping to be in there with you guys in less than 2 weeks now. So, who's the highest level right now? Anyone made it to Lion's Arch?


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just got to lvl 10 and I am a mo/wa but if I make a new guy I am going with mo/ra it would work better :D


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cheeseo said:
just got to lvl 10 and I am a mo/wa but if I make a new guy I am going with mo/ra it would work better :D
If you set up your mo/w it can be a good character... however, warrior is a very difficult second class to use.