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I am an addonaholic. I have almost as much fun messing with my UI as it is playing the game, lol. If anyone has any addon suggestions, just post them. I always love exploring the addons. Well anyway, here is a list of the addons that I use and an annotated screenshot of what things look like.

Auctionator – a very nice addon for helping you sell and buy items on the auction house. I used to use Auctioneer, but found it too cumbersome. This one I like better.

Combuctor - is a bag replacement addon designed to help the player find things in his or her's inventory as quickly and as easily as possible. It provides single window displays for the inventory and bank. You can also view the bags and banks of all your toons from anywhere.

Buttontimers - This monitors durations and cooldowns your buffs and debuffs. What is really nice about this is that it integrates an clickable actionbar into the bars that show cooldowns, aura etc. Makes everything nice and concise. Really great for warlocks.

Chincilla - this allows you to move your minimap and change its configuration

Cromulent - Shows zone info such as mob levels and instance on the World Map.
This is just a Cartographer_ZoneInfo stripped down into its own separate addon.

Deadly Boss Mods - This is pretty much a necessity for doing raids. It warns you ahead of time about certain events

Dominos - A main actionbar replacement

GatherMate - Collects Herbs, Mines, Gas Clouds and Fishing locations and adds them to the worldmap and minimap, integrates with Cartographer very nicely

GatherMate_Data - Wowhead Data dump for GatherMate, remember to import the this database or it does not work

Grid - A modular, lightweight and screen-estate saving grid of party/raid unit frames. This is especially nice for healers. I use the following modules: GridIndicatorText3, GridManaBars, GridSideIndicators, GridStatusHots, GridStatusRole, and just for my resto druid; GridStatusSwiftment, GridIndicatorCornerText, and GridStatusLifebloom

Clique - Simple, click-casting interface, nice for healers when couple with Grid

LightHeaded - Allows you to view WoWHead comments for quests in-game, this is really nice when questing

Minimap Button Frame - This addon will gather up all of your addon minimap buttons and put them into a movable frame

MozzFullWorldMap – This addon adds a new checkbox in the upper left of the world map named 'Show Unexplored Areas'. It does just that. Pretty nice when leveling.

Omen - A threat meter. Pretty essential when grouping for instances or raids so you can see when to back off on dps so you don't pull aggro off the tank

Pawn - Pawn performs item value assessments to make it easier to decide which items are better than others. I use two external programs, RAWR and Simultioncraft, to determine the values I need to input for my various characters. It incorporates scales from so you do not have to go to the trouble of generating the scales. It makes things much much easier. But it you are capped on certain stats (like hit), you manually need to change the scales to eliminate those stats.

Postal – This addon provides enhanced mailbox support. The feature I really like is the one that allows to move all the items in your mailbox to you inventory with one click.

QuestHelper - Tells you were to go for all the quests, integrates with cartographer very nicely

Recount - Records Damage and Healing for Graph Based Display or broadcast to your group/guild

SellJunk - Picks out all the gray items in your inventory and sells them to the vendors.

Sunn Viewport Art - allows you to change the size of the rendered world area (viewport) and adds textured artwork in the non-rendered areas.

TipTac - allows you to move you tooltip so it is not overlapping other stuff on your screen.

Here is an annotated screenshot of my warlock’s UI that shows most of the addons. I have been thinking about trying to simplify it, but I really like all the info.

I have tried a few times to get Grid & Grid2 setup but there are just too many options and can never get it setup just the way i want. I also can't find the config mode to display a fake raid group so i can actually set it up :(
and I thought my screen was full when I played mine is like a acreage with noone around for 100 miles now lol
I never have a problem seeing what I am doing. I think maybe it looks so busy is because of the all the annotations. The stuff at the bottom covers nothing, btw. With Sunn art, the screen format is changed to show the whole screen above the the border at the top of dominoes, recount etc. The only thing that may get in the way once in a great while is buttontimers, but I really like seeing my timeout by my character. Buttontimers is not there for my other toons.

Although I dont have a problem seeing during raids or otherwise, are there any suggestions on improving the UI or simplifying it? I am always looking for improvements.

Btw there are no fake frames for grid. A good way to check it out though is to go into a battleground.
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Reets, in Cataclysm, Blizzard has an option to show your party and raid frames in a Grid-like format. I will likely just be using that come Cataclysm.
ya, if they are the same as PTR then i really like them. haven't seen them in an actual raid to see how big they are, i just hope they are a lot smaller than they look in party mode (using raid frame look).
Here is my updated interface for 4.0. Much better than before and FINALLY got raid frames setup how i exactly want them.
My List of addons post 4.0.1. All seem to working ok now.

Deadly Boss Mods
Grid - I use the following modules: GridIndicatorMTs, GridManaBars,
GridSideIndicators, GridStatusHots, GridIndicatorCornerText
MapExplorer (this replaced Mozzfullmap)

Btw, before Grid got updated for 4.0.1, I used Vuhdo for awhile, but I still like Grid (maybe I am just used to it, but the setup seems easier and I like the display better).