MW3 Clan?

CoD Elite Clan?

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hey all of you MW3 players!

Would you guys and gals be interested in joining a Call of Duty Elite clan if I (or someone else) were to make one?


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Honestly, I don't k ow how to invite people to join. Look up Tribe of Judah in CoD Elite and try to join. If you have already done that then post here again or pm me and I'll look into it more than I already have.

Thank you


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ok i found the clan.. tribe of judah and you are only member.. but for me to join you have to send an invite.. friendofjc.. when you send one ill join.. ill quit my self made one(jsus) and join the tribe of judah. whatis the 4 letter call tag? lets get this rolling.. should be fun.. woot.
Hey guys

I don't have elite, and only play PS3 with MW3, is there any way I can join your clan and play with you guys? please redirect me, if you know of some other post with PS3 MW3 christian clans if you guys aren't PS3, THANKS


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Wesley, you can join Elite for free. Elite Premium isn't free, and that's what allows us to use clans to the maximum, but there's nothing stopping you from joining a clan. You should sign up for Elite so you can join our clan. (Well, what would be our clan... Flassito is inactive and hasn't invited any of us so I started my own clan. Any ToJ players are welcome to join.) And FYI:We're PS3. My Gamertag is Xerlux. Feel free to add me.