Mustard Seed Conspiracy forums archived, guild marked inactive

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Due to lack of activity, Mustard Seed Conspiracy, a Christian Horde guild on Blade's Edge, has been marked as inactive and the guild forums have been archived.

The Acting Guild Leader, Plankeye, is retaining the Guild Leader position in-game to keep the Mustard Seed Conspiracy guild name reserved in case of future interest in a Christian Horde guild on Blade's Edge.

If you are interested in reviving Mustard Seed Conspiracy and volunteering to serve as Guild Leader, please contact Plankeye.

Those Christian World of Warcraft players looking for fellowship with other Christian Horde faction players should check out The Narrow Path, a Christian Horde guild on Thunderhorn.

Many thanks to all the members that poured their time and effort into the Mustard Seed Conspiracy. No guild lasts forever, but we keep the experiences we shared while playing together. I had a terrific time playing a Tauren Shaman during my brief time in Azeroth and wish my former guildmates the best in their future ventures.
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Mustard Seed Conspiracy lives! Uzzo777 has volunteered to serve as Guild Leader and help get MSC running again.
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