Mustard Seed Conspiracy Charter


New Member
Hey all. Since we're getting to the point of having at least a handful on during peak times, I thought it would be a good time to start on some basic guidelines for how the guild will function and grow. Everything here is subject to change.

1. Mustard Seed Conspiracy is a chapter of the Tribe of Judah. That means that to be a full member (have a rank higher than the lowest, currently entitled "believer") one must be a member of the Tribe of Judah.

2. Recruiting is done through Quartoth (aka Healzalewt, aka Nietzcow). He, myself, or Yeahdetroit (aka Healzalewt) be able to send out guild invites. If the person invited is not currently a ToJ member he will either be vouched (RL significant other/good friend/family member) or is provisional (meaning the ToJ application is pending). That information will be in the Note for each member.

3. Each guild member's note should include their ToJ name so that they may be reached outside of the game through these forums.

4. Currently, the guild ranks have the following meanings:

Shepherd: Guild Leader
Anointed: Guild Leader Alt, Co-Leader, or Co-Leader Alt
Prophet: Officer
Disciple: Senior member of the guild
Follower: Full member of the guild
Believer: New member, provisional member, or vouched member

5. Currently, we have no official positions within the guild. Following the model of the early church, we will be recognizing leadership rather than appointing leadership.

6. Everything in the Guild Bank is community property and can be removed according to the guild rank permissions to your heart's content. Only the Guild Master (me) has access to the highest bank tab, which is used to store level 80 mats and items that are quite expensive. Since I have a security keychain, those items are slightly more difficult to steal if one of our accounts is hacked. Any item in the highest tab will be mailed to anyone who needs it via e-mail upon request.

7. There are no requirements for activity levels, and old toons will not be deleted at this time for any reason. The only requirement is that every full member commit to praying for the prayer request list, and adding new requests on a regular basis by either PMing myself or one of the leaders, mentioning it in-game, or via in-game mail.

I think that's it. Let me know if you if have any questions or comments.