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So I just wanted to take some time to say thanks to all my fellow Redeemed raiders and let you all know how much I appreciate you guys.

Despite the time differences of east and west coasters plus all the craziness that life throws at us, thanks for showing up to raid. And a special thanks to those of you who show up on a consistent basis.

After last night's raid, I came to the realization of just how incredibly awesome you guys are. I mean, I've already known just how awesome you all are. It's the reason why I've been around for 2+ years!

But last night I realized how much effort and sacrifice you all put up with just to hang out with us raiders for a couple nights a week. First of all, most of you guys live on the East Coast. So that means raiding time for you is Monday & Wednesday from 9pm-midnight and longer. That in and of itself is amazing to me. So thank you for that. Because if I had to raid from 9pm to past midnight twice a week with the schedule I have for work, I would not be raiding with you guys AT ALL. Fortunately, I live in California so that's not an issue for me.

Secondly, most of you guys have spouses/families to worry about outside of the game. Some of you also have babies that obviously need to be taken care of or need your attention 24/7, even during raid times. This just blows me away. Maybe I'm still too young or maybe I'm still noobish at WoW compared to all the years you've all put into this game, but I can't imagine myself having a husband AND raising a family while working full time and playing WoW from 9pm to midnight twice a week. I just CANNOT fathom that for myself.

So thank you. For all that you do. For all that you put up with or set aside to raid with Redeemed.

P.S. You can tell me to shut up for all the mushiness. But I just thought that you all should know :)
I echo everything cakey put out there. You're all very special and are the reason myself, and others, continue to raid and even exist within this group of people called <Redeemed>.

I will also say that it's been an honor and a privilege to train cakey and see her flourish as a competent and skilled raider. It's great having her (and you all) on my team. You are all very much appreciated.
Mush is good! Thanks Cakey. Raiding is fun because of everyone there.