Motocross Madness


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Okay, just like usual, I saw yet another Arcade title show up, and was about to just skip over it, just like all the others, when I was like, "Eh, what the heck, I'll download the demo..."

The reason I even bothered downloading the demo was because since Excitebike 64, I loved Motocross games; however, no game since Exitebike 64 was as good and fun...

The demo had me sold... Awesome game modes, Avatar FameStar, splitscreen Co-op and versus, out of this world jumps and has it all! Yeah, I bought it, and LOVE IT!!! It's only 800MSP, go get it: Motocross Madness (MXM)

I'm honestly surprised this one flew under the reviews or anything anywhere...
Now, if only I could get a snowboarding game that I like as much as I liked 1080. SSX just doesn't do it for me.

Will have to try out the demo of Motocross Madness. :D